Two questions about the Handsome Collection version

Being that the Xbox free game of the month is the Xbox 360 version Borderlands 2, I was wondering if I can transfer my Handsome Collection progress to the 360 version of the game, or if i can play with my friend on the 360 Borderlands 2 while I’m on the Handsome Collection. I’m super new here, so thanks in advance.

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I’m not sure about using the same save between the 360 and HC versions of BL2 on the same XB1. The transfer as implemented when the Handsome Collection launched was designed as one-way only. Right now, there’s no way to play either BL2 or TPS with one player on native 360 and one player using Handsome Collection edition on XB1.

You should, however, be able to use the compatible BL2 on XB1 and play with friends on 360. (I’ve already done this with BL1). One thing you’ll want to know: to access the system menu within the virtual 360 launched when you start up your backwards compatible game, you will need to press both the start and menu buttons on your controller at the same time. This pulls up the same menu as hitting the XBox button during a game on native 360; you can connect with your friend on 360 through that set of menus.