Two Questions: Advice and Load out Question

Two things:

  1. My buddy just bought BB for the PS4.
    I’ve been playing it on XBOX One since it came out.
    I can get it for $9, so it’s not a big money hit, but I’m not sure I want to start ALL over again.
  2. Now that I have 30 load out slots and I’m starting to finish a lot of lore, I’m toying with the idea of having 1 load out per character.
    Does anyone do this? Does it work? What DON’T you like about it?

Thanks in advance yall!

Starting all over again only hurts gear now. You will have better stats, and yeah, gear farming is a B**ch, buts thats the point. Otherwise, go ahead, buy it for 10 bucks. As for 30 loadouts, DO NOT use all character legendary gear. Instead, find gear that suits the character thats blue or purple, and maybe, maybe, if you really want too, use a legendary. Very few lore legs are worth the 1800 shard cost, and most effects don’t stack. :cry:

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I LOVE IT!!! I have a loadout for every character and it’s made playing alot smoother (had to constantly switch loadouts because I have a weird impulsive disorder that makes me have to play every character). I actually want 2 more haha, just so I can have a melee and a range loadout for Ops missions and PVE

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For the first question, yeah buy it for for PS4 games like this tend to be better with a buddy, and your friend can get advice from you on how to play the game, like how you should use reveal on a Pendles and how to always taunt Benedict when you kill him, no matter what, even if it means you die too.

For the second question, Don’t have a loadout for every character, most loadouts aren’t effective for every game mode. Games like Meltdown require cheap gear, usually a shard generator and a wrench, while story mode is best with gear that helps you survive. And chances are you won’t always play every character, but if you end up playing a character you don’t have a loadout for, you’ll probably be able to use another character’s loadout.

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So, ate you suggesting I DO buy it and bite the bullet on the gear I’ve earned?

So, you play mostly PVP?

If you buy it on PS4 make a post about it, we can add you to the community/group chat if a spot is open

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I play both to be honest, The loadouts I use for PVP serve me well for PVE, of course the Ops mission are the only different ones as the item from the Attikus OPs mission greatly helps at 100 ops points

Come join the ps4 crew, we are almost all friendly :slight_smile:

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My thoughts on the second question:

There are some characters who i use similar loadouts for. (I.E. Melka/Kelvin, Galilea/Attikus, etc.) so i’ve freed some spaces for characters that I play more frequently. So I have a quick match load out and long match (incursion/story) loadout for my main characters like Dende, Beatrix, Pendles, Caldarius, etc.

$9??? :hushed:

Yeah. I know it sucks, but with all the time you will put in with your friend, you will quickly earn all your gear back. And if you pay attention to shift codes, you can get alot of legendarys from those, or just good ol’ rares.

and if gear is the issue, just get diamond rank on story missions.

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There’s obviously some gear that will overlap but i’m kind of ocd. So with gear i bought the max available amount of slots and have 30 sets for 15 BB. I labeled them like this

Montana Cheap

Helps me to identify both the loadout i want to use for the given mode as well as which character it goes to. It’s not a perfect system because there’s 30 BB total, but wcyd. I don’t like all 30 anyways. At any rate, this is a pretty organized way of doing it. Because god knows sifting through your bank is tedious


I work for Toys R Us. It was on sale for $10 and I get a 10% discount.

That only works once, though.

So, the bad news is we sold out before I could get in to buy it (but hey, more people playing the game, so THAT’S good).

As for the loadout question, I appreciate all your feed back. Right now, I have basically 12 loadouts: generic, melee, range, healer, and tank x2. One of each for story and one of each for PVP (which I hardly play right now. One specifically for defense missions, and one for Ops missions.
The issue with this is that some gear doesnt help some characters. E.q. i have a health booster, healing received, and shield booster on my tank loadout. BUT, two major tanks, Kelvin and Boldur, don’t normally have shields, so it’s a wasted gear slot.
That’s the main reason I was toying around with a different loadout for every character. I like playing as almost all of them, so it’s not like I could exclude that many anyway. Usually, I’d have the specific legendary, then an epic, then a rare, so not EVERYTHING is crazy expensive.
But, do y’all REALLY think the specialized legendaries aren’t that good? Some seem perfect to me.

That’s the key right there. There’s a handful that are really good, a few that are situational, and a lot that a different legendary would be much more beneficial for the 1800 shards. Basically look at the character specific legendaries as starter items

My fourth solar sustainer begs to differ

I have about 860 hours in Battleborn on PC but just last Friday I got it for PS4 and started from scratch. The thing that hurts most is of course the loss of progress (gear mostly, but also all helix mutations, titles, premium stuff I’ve bought etc.) but I simply love this game so much it’s not insurmountable. In fact, I felt a surge of excitement as I looked at my barren command menu; I was at the start of an amazing journey again. I still primarily play on PC but just wanted to have a chance to play with the new friends I’ve been making. However I can’t freaking play with a controller to save my life…

As for loadouts, a friend of mine has about 5 different loads for his main, to fit any situation. That’s just crazy commitment, but I’ve heard suggestions to make Meltdown / Incursion specific loadouts for a char. Personally I have a loadout for each of the characters I use most commonly, then a couple multipurpose PvE sets and one super cheap for Capture / Face-off. 30 slots and 30 heroes certainly make an inviting setup, and if you’re a jack-of-all trades, I say why not make loadout for each :slight_smile: it’s certanly better to make a tailored set than use the same of everyone!

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