Two questions I need help answering

Yay for handsome collection being out! Now, since I’m finally able to play as Aurelia and I’m loving her so far, but I notice one bug that is bugs the hell out of me. (pun intended) Long Range Killer - at first I thought Only The Best skill canceled LRK bonus because of extra bullet speed, so I respec’d my skills and put nothing in OTB, and tested LRK and the damage output are still the same. So, is LRK bugged?

The second question is… is there ANY way I can maximize character only up to 50? I am in ZERO mood to do UVHM on TPS and BL2. Please let me know.


Not sure about your first question, but for staying at 50, you kinda ‘can’, sort of, by simply not starting UVHM. You’ll only level very slowly if you don’t start UVHM, so you’ll become OP eventually, but not too fast.

There is no way to stop leveling past 50 altogether, though.

Damn. I was hoping that there is a way to disable UVHM somehow.

UVHM in BL2 just ugh don’t get me started.

Although I’ve seen a lot of positive comments about UVHM in TPS being a lot better so I just might will give it a try.

Thanks Master_Beef.

As for LRK, it’s working regardless if OTB is activated or not. For a moment I thought LRK was somewhat similar to Godfinger from BL2, but it’s not.