Two questions on "how stuff works"

Q1: Why are roid rough rider’s popular?.

Q2: Why are deathless artefacts popular?.

I genuinely have no idea why either, particularly the deathless’s, are so desirable. Please enlighten me. I run a Zane and I am struggling to see how either of those things could be of any use to him.

There is currently a bug with The roid ruff rider where you equip and unequip it over and over again. I’m not sure about the deathless other than it’s probably Mozes best artifact.

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With Moze in particular (not sure about other characters), she can build up an amazingly strong shield with points all over the Shield of Retribution tree. The tradeoff with the Deathless relic is 1 healthpoint, but things that would normally heal you buff the shield instead (so health stims feed your shield, health regen shields refill your shield, healing skills in her trees fill the shield, dropped pellets that fill health go to the shield, etc.). You basically trade two health bars for a single, gigantic one. Also, because you’re at one health, the ammo crates (sensing imminent death) throw a ton of health stims.

I can only guess about roid Rough Riders… I’ve been sitting on one waiting for an answer to this exact question. I guess it’s because the roid damage would be on constantly, and you wouldn’t have to sweat shield damage to get the melee buff?

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Thank you both. I feel noticeably less ignorant now :sunglasses:

I had the exact same question about the Deathless when I first saw it (and still have this question for quite a few seemingly questionable pieces of gear). :+1: