Two-shot sniper rifles?

So I’ve watched a video of a speedrunner and I noticed a weird thing. The Gearbox sniper fired two shots in rapid succession, almost instantly.
I know that even with a Vladof battel the firerate is not that insane and Gaige does not have any two-shot skills at levels 6 to 7 as far as I know.
So was is a glitch, or blatant cheating? And if it was a glitch, which one?

IDK but posting a video example should help.

Around 5 minute mark it is clearly seen that the gun firest 1 shot and then he pulls the bolt to rechamber it or whatever you call it.
But then at minute 6 the same rifle suddenly fires two bullets at the same time, consuming two ammo.
Was it merged with something? The video doesn’t show anything. What would allow this? Dahl pistol?
Edit: I watched the origina video, and it gets more confusing.
He fires individual shots normally, then goes to Flynt without an cuts or glitches done, no merging whatsoever, and then suddenly his sniper does start to fire twice when he goes down at Flynt.
Why is this happening? What am I missing here?

Is he FL4K with Two Fang?

I guess I’m pretty bored since i am actually trying to figure this out. It’s Gaige, so no two fang here. also, the sniper is a white jakobs diaub, so no dahl multi-shot. Per the wiki, Diaub can fire shots in quick succession, so maybe that is what is happening?:

Wiki says regarding the Diaub:
Diaub is the title of a group of common sniper rifles in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel . They are manufactured exclusively by Jakobs, and features the Vladof barrel.

Usage & Description

Tends to have a faster rate of fire, more semi-auto as opposed to bolt action in other Jakobs sniper rifles. In some cases, the Jakobs adage “fires as fast as you can pull the trigger” can almost be applied to this weapon, making it useful for snipers who want to retain the relatively high damage of a Jakobs weapon, but still be able to fire off multiple shots in quick succession.

That was my thought. With my Lyudas (close cousins to Diaubs) I often unintentionally double-tap, hold the trigger down a fraction too long and two shots.

OMG who’s the rube who didn’t notice which forum this is in. :laughing:

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So I actually asked the guy who did the video.
he told me it is a two-shot glitch where you fire, reload and switch guns at the same time in rapid succession.
Joltzdude has a video on it.
I asked him why he doesn’t switch and he said he uses melee between the shots.
It is made with rebinding stuff to mousewheel and whatnot.

Ah - melee reload cancelling. Yes, I’ve heard of that (along with drop reload). Explains why the video was in the any% speed run category.

My mind went straight to Zer0 and Fl4k too!