Two small noob questions

When using CFHodHD most ships are steel grey when selected, how do I select their “normal” paint schemes and where are the Progenitor ships and Junkyard Dog .HODs hiding in the Homeworld files?

The neutral/NPC ships are in homeworld2.big

Cfhod only barely understands the new stuff, so don’t expect anything to look right until you’ve exported it out to your 3D modeler of choice and reassigned materials and textures.

From there you can start rehodding the ship from scratch in 3DSMax or Blender with whatever modifications you have in mind.

I see, that clears things up.
Edit: Just found the color settings in CFHoD, feel pretty dumb.

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One more question- I haven’t been able to figure out how to import all .OBJs of a ship into 3DSMAX at once and into their proper positions. I was wondering if I needed to use a script to just dump them all together and manually put them into place or is there a method I’m not aware of?

You’ll need to use JNT nodes for any part of the ship not at 0,0,0

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

Now this is starting to turn into an ordeal. Managed to figure out how to texture a model but when applied the textures look as low res as the classic version even though it was extracted from a remastered model. Is this one of CFHoDs foibles or did I forget to tick a checkbox somewhere?

Double check your texture settings in the graphics options menu before starting a match. Mine will randomly get reset back down to 1024 instead of 8096 on occasion.

Just to be clear, The texture looks low res in 3DS Max, The model isn’t in game.

What’s the resolution of the actual texture file in question?

Also, make sure you didn’t grab a LOD texture on accident.

3DS Max and CFHoD say 2048x1024 and it looks perfectly hi res in CFHoD on the ship itself and in the preview window of max. I always the “normal” .diff and not the lower res LOD ones. I’m also using the LOD 0 meshes so there shouldn’t be a miscommunication there but I haven’t tried to apply the glow, NORM, or other textures.

Screenshot? Which preview in max looks fine, the 2D texture preview or the 3D preview window?

I sometimes find that the textures look worse in max than in game. I think it is my max settings, but I have never investigated in detail…

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Pic from CFHoD, note how clean the white stripes are.

First pic from 3DS Max, look how terrible the engine is.

Second pic from max, note how clean the stripes aren’t.

Pic from max of the texture preview, seems perfectly clear.

All I want to do is cobble together and skin the ships to make some paper models, didn’t think it would be so obtuse. I’ve experienced this issue with the hiigaran intercepter first so I’m assuming this is a global problem.

Just tried to render it and it looks clean. I don’t understand the horrendous drop in quality outside the render though.

Max isn’t filtering the texture for the viewport preview, hence the crappy quality, I think.

Views -> Viewport Configuration -> Display Performance -> Texture Maps: 4096 Pixels


A dev! They are alive after all!

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I get it now, it’s doesn’t display the full resolution to save on performance. I didn’t think the program would think that far ahead and assumed there was a bug somewhere. In any case, my final two issues are gluing ship chunks back together and getting non-Progenitor diffs to display team and stripe colors outside of CFHoD. I need someone to point me towards a tutorial on the former given my searches haven’t turned up anything and I don’t want to hapazardly moves the pieces back into place by hand. On the latter, I assume I need to load the .dds into an image editor, mask all the decals and fill the texture with an semi-opaque team color but that doesn’t cover how to deal with the stripes. Anyone have an idea of the right way to go about it?

Edit: Found joint data in CFHoD, working on getting the Progenitor Drones swing wings right. Wings 2 and 3 still poke out after copying the information for CFHoD.

Just found the texture processor for gimp to deal with team color and stripes but still need to know if I There’s something else I’m missing when it comes to getting ship pieces back together or do I need to do the final adjustments by hand.