Two Steam BB accounts, thinking about PS4

Any thoughts?
Many of you know I enjoy using a Standing Desk.
Really felt it gave me a good action in the game, more alert, never lazy or sleepy.

Thing is, recently dropped a gnarly Maple that got hit by lightning.
The dang thing busted as it was falling and one of the large limbs busted me right back.
OK, I work with trees, that doesn’t bug me, but I’ve got several bones that need to mend.

Seems I can do that better with a PS4.

My question is, how hard will it be for me to get used to a console for Battleborn?
Yes once again I’m using BB for recoop. :wink:

Thanks for any input. I’ve never used a console, have been in PC’s since 1987.

It should be easy, it’s just more things to push in a different order. It might even be too easy for you.

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You know the great thing about controllers is that they are easy to pick up. The only thing you might have to get used to is aiming with a joystick vs a mouse but it’s honestly not that bad, especially in PvE games where the enemies out-aim you either way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ouch. Hope you heal up soon. Idk how the transition will be since I’ve rarely played on console but it’s easy to lay down and play with a controller while mending.


I’m a PC player too. Haven’t had a console since Sega Genesis days. But when I try to play something with a controller and especially when the game requires you to use those thumb sticks - it’s such a pain in the ass. + your fingers starts to hurt after longer sessions.
And aiming with those sticks… turning around… uh. A torture.

Just my 2 cents. ^^

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Please do :sunny:

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Thanks for all the input, really appreciate knowing it will be easy. :sunny:

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@wisecarver if you already have the situational awareness then you’ll be adapting rather quickly I think

Basically you have the skills and knowledge already so you’ll just be missing some of your coordination for a little bit

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@wisecarver since you are use to PC controls and are thinking of moving to PS4. there is this controller that might help with the transition.

HORI Tactical Assault Commander Pro - PlayStation 4

…Thanks, that looks awesome.