Two story missions unplayable so far

The Saboteur as good as can’t be done at the last (?) battle. I don’t even know if it’s last, never saw anyone successfully def the core. I think it’s the third def. This issue is known, naturally.

The Old Sentinel gets immunity which cannot be broken. You smash the crystals and yet nothing happens. This issue is known.

So that’s two story missions that should be avoided as mostly a waste of time.

Gearbox, please fix this stuff soon.


I would suggest putting in a support ticket

Also if you let me know your platform I can move you to the proper place.

Widely known, critical problems will get devs attention via forum posts still, right?

Yes devs will pay attentions to issues thats why I moved you to pc support so it has better visibility but support tickets are always best.

Gotcha, thanks.

This makes zero sense i have completed these 2 maps a lot of times even on advanced difficulty and never encountered the issues you are having

Try to search the forums. It’s not about you.

lol what

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