Two suggestions to improve arms race

  1. Remove murdercane and cap the chest locations you can farm to 2 or 3. We all know murdercane is there to limit the chests you can loot, but the problem is that you cannot choose the chest you want to run some times because murdercane may be affecting the other side of the map, so you’re forced to do pointless resets until the murdercane is in the right place.
  2. Balance the guns. It’s obvious some guns got the overbuffed treatment that gearbox likes to do (vladof, cov and some atlas guns), while some guns are extremely bad and are a waste of drops (most torgue guns are pretty bad after the nerfs).

Number 1 is the reason I quit playing this game. I lost a god roll shotgun I wasn’t even farming for and I did my best to speed run but it never friggin enough to do what I can to loot the chest.

I really wish crossplay can happen on the ps4 so I can ask the pc people to do something I should not dare say on here


In case anyone is interested…

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I have some extras. What do you need?

No worries I don’t need anything since the god roll I lost were like few months ago. I’m here hoping Gearbox can increase the dedicated drop rates bit more and fix dedicated drop chest for AR, and if not I feel the Murdercane should have a longer time to stall out before it starts closing in.

Just here lurking hoping they can find an issue on how to tackle the rngs they have in place with a low drop chance of desired weapons to farm for


I hear you. I spent WEEKS farming for an Old God only to have them raise the level cap. [sigh…]


I never bought arms race because i didn’t really felt I would like it…

Bought SP2 a few weeks back and played a bit of arms race… It gets stale pretty fast…

Half the times i just jump of the map because i can’t get to the chests I need (or I get them but they are full of White items)

Farming the boss really got old fast and haven’t really bothered with AR after level cap…

Removing murdercane would probably help making it less random.

But i think it needs more maps


Yeah arms race is so boring for me. The main game I have all my skills, move super fast, etc-
Arms race is so slow in comparison, which sucks because the exclusive loot in it. They should make those drops drop somewhere outside of arms race too, because that mode for solo players is bunk… Like I’m not sure who enjoys it over farming other content.


that’s the one thing i realy like about it actualy…

just guns and crap to shoot… but there’s some things i just don’t like to use… the randomness kills it for me… (finding a legendary you can use in AR… it’s just easy mode and at times you just find useless ■■■■ and get a hotspring from the boss and you just wasted a shitload of time for absolutely nothing)


The latter is true for me, I’ve not found a legendary in arms race that I can use, only extract. Infact, I usually find a purple and get downed, right after killing a group of enemies.
Time waste. You fail, you waste time. That’s why I don’t like it. But it’s not consistent either, sometimes you can get second winds for days and then other mobs you just know you can’t get one. Maybe I just suck at it but man, feel like i’ve been jipped alot in that mode.


I think the Murdercane is a bad mechanic and also pretty indicative of the amount of dev time they were willing to invest.

Really what would be cool is if there were mini-bosses (that were rivals looking for gear maybe???) that “fight” towards a dedicated loot room. You could cap the amount of rooms you could access in a run by putting every room on a timer and if you dont get there in time the Rival Mini Bosses take the loot. The murdercane is just a bad and frustrating mechanic that makes the mode harder to FARM because the murdercane is simply going to make it harder for you to run to the area and run back to safety. You dont actually meaningfully engage with the murdercane in a way thats fun.

Not to harp on this too much but the Devs REALLY need to ask when they implement big mechanics in a game mode:

  • Is this fun?
  • How does this enhance gameplay?

The murdercane mechanic, which was inspired by battleroyales and intended to force players to engage with each other just doesnt do things that are fun or enhance gameplay. Its literally the worst way to lose gear you care about.


indeed… half the runs are going nowhere and we all know it :rofl:
to the point where you just jump off the map/suicide to try again (but after a few tries it realy gets tedious and boring)

I didn’t even realize the boss location didn’t change the first few times I did it, I just assumed:
+Murdercane closing in
+Is random locations
=/=Boss changes location

New map or actual randomly located objectives would do a lot for it imo

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This is exactly why I enjoy Arms Race. I never played a BR game before. To me it is just like getting your first white weapon in Borderlands and shooting everything hoping to run across better gear. I love dropping into the game and having to quickly strategize to get to the chest I want. I suppose my success rate is about 75% but I am still at the mercy of rng when opening the chest. If I get my preferred loot then another strategy to find an extract station. I have never considered it a waste of time. Always treated it as an opportunity to improve my skills.


I think the problem most people have with the Arms Race and the murdercane is that its not dynamic at all. It dictates where you can go on the map without doing anything that really elevates the gameplay. Sure its a race against time but there are no big moments. You are basically running around on a naked character who cant use any class skills (the thing that makes Borderlands… Borderlands) and just trying to get as many headshots as possible and wasting as little time as possible running toward an outer portion of the map for the best loot.

I’m currently running for a lvl 72 plasma coil and its like pulling teeth.

  • Theres no variety
  • most of the anointments are totally unusable in the playmode
  • every vaulthunter is the same because there are no class skills. I still don’t understand why we cant even use the BASE class skill and no other talents.
  • Drop rates in the chest are really low
  • Drop rates for Arms Race gear off of mobs is almost nonexistant
  • And worst of all theres absolutely NOTHING dynamic about this game made EXCEPT for the murdercane.

I have had fun experiences in arms race, like geting a sniper rifle with a useful anoint and reload time or the miracle drops where you get a load out that has synergy within a few minutes. But the VAST majority of the time its an absolute slog. And once I’ve gotten the 2 things I actually came for I will never play it again (until revamped).


Skills are probably left out for scaling :wink:

Other stuff, nailed it… It was fun for a few runs, but now that i have to do it again to level up my gear… I really can’t be arsed :sweat_smile:

Got Lucky that i found the plasma coil pretty fast and exracted it right away… And going after the other stuff? Probably get them by random chance when i ever feel like playing it again (i swear… I put hundreds of hours in SP1, and SP2 I really got bored after few hours and still don’t use the skilltrees and never will)

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I actually like the scaled down tone of a simple VH (no skills) trying to survive and down people to get loot. Reminds me a lot of vanilla BL1 when I had no gear and no clue where to get upgrades - everything was dumb luck or a favorable RNGesus.

What I really dislike is slogging my way to the end of the map, burning valuable time downing 3 or 4 badasses, opening a chest and seeing junk. Burns 2/3 of my available time with nothing to show for it at the extraction point.

I have extracted tons of great guns from AR and only a handful actually came from the applicable chest. Maybe that means the game system is working as intended but it is still very frustrating.

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AR is just boring , weapons are really bad only couple Jakobs/Maliwan/Dahl are great Torgue for exemple is trash , drop rates a really low and i only get Gas Mask or Holy grail from the boss

Boss loot pool need to be improve - Drop rates - Make the game more fun/dynamic

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So it isn’t just me :rofl: torgue sucks ass in AR :scream:

Half the weapons are complete garbage and indeed… Drop rates are poor for the slog it puts you through

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Yeah, like I’m all for running around and looting and being timed- but it’s the same map, same spawns, random murdercane, RNG weapons that decide if you can even survive those air drop spawns- I say just add more variety and maybe a dedicated arms race skill tree or something. Otherwise, I’m gonna just turn on max loot chance and dip in and out :shushing_face: