Two things that I feel need addressed in this game. (Gearbox please read and reply!)

The first is balanced matchmaking for PVP. In PVE I don’t mind skill gaps because a non-competitive setting is the optimal time for players to learn from more experienced players. However, just tonight I played a match in which no one on my team was above level 20 and at least three enemy players were command ranks nearing 100, and the other two were really high as well. I get that command ranks don’t always indicate skill, but they do usually at least indicate experience and investment with the game, and in the situation described above I don’t think it could as a surprise to anyone that my team got massacred (first sentry down and twenty minutes still left to go in the match, we hadn’t even come close to getting out of “our area”). It was an easy enough surrender vote, we at least didn’t have to waste much time waiting to surrender like some games force you to do, but it’s still annoying to sit in matchmaking waiting to play and then see immediately that the odds are stacked against your team.

Second, and nearly equally important, there needs to be matchmaking for playing the levels on advanced. I can’t even comprehend why it’s not already in the game. I don’t feel like I should even need supporting points for this claim, but I would be glad to give some if asked to.


both are coming eventually as announced, but with no fixed date


Like said, both have been brought up on the forums and theres information in those posts, not to sound rude, but try doing a quick search before starting a new thread

nothing wrong with making a thread about a similar subject, simply shows the necessity on the subject. If new threads about a similar subject were a problem GBX would’ve lumped a ton of threads off or together saying the same thing.


Yea same has happened to me tons of times, i’ve even been targeted by the entire enemy team because im the only one with a somewhat high level on my team being dived by almost an entire team against a rath galil miko combo is just ugh. Anyways I agree with matchmaking really needs some work they have addressed this issue but with no fixed date which makes dealing with this and enjoying games all the more harder D:

DEFENETLY want that advanced mode cue. Alas, my lack of friends bites me yet again. :’(

Ah, thanks for informing me. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that they already have plans to address it. But yeah, I just want to be part of the clamor of people saying that it needs to happen, because it needs to happen.

I understand what your saying, but what i mean is there is official information that they are working on these problems, if it was a problem people are talking about but GBX haven’t made any comment on it i can see the need for getting that problem more attention

Usually companies don’t mind it when people clamor for something that they have promised or ask them to hurry up. Heck, on Epic’s Fortnite FAQ page they even encourage people to tell them to hurry up (and send them encouraging cat photos). Gearbox, would you like encouraging cat photos?