Two things that need fixing

Currently I’m rolling my way through the campaign on tvhm/m4 with moze and I’ve done all the other vault hunters through tvhm/m4 that I only have two main issues that kill me at the moment. Guardian ranks being broken and Zane…

I’m perplexed on how Zane can be so broken in his current state. And I don’t mean a good broken either. First vh I played as and got to 50. A simple fix would be either take half his kill skills and make them give you 1/3the bonus without a kill and gives you the rest when you score a kill. But currently I can’t get as far or even close to as far Iin tvhm/m4 compared to the other three.

I don’t want anyone nerfed, that kills a lot of synergy when they do, look at vampire on moze with most of the legendary grenades. Most don’t even work with her MoD or vamp… beyond kills things like the quasar for me.

And with guardian ranks being broken, i mean cmon half the reason to even play endgame other than content is progression and when it’s broken how can you expect anyone to have a good time playing @50?

Please gearbox before the dlc hits, fix these two issues so I can play all four vault hunters in it.