Two "types" of Graveward

Why are there two “types” of Graveward? The normal one, and one who hides all his crit spots, including on his head when he bends his head down. I noticed this previously and it only seemed to happen on Mayhem 3. I farmed Guardian tokens on him for an hour this morning on 60/10 and he was “normal”. When I did it again on 60/10 this evening, he was the “abnormal” variety.

Are you sure about that? I’ve farmed him from lvl 50 thru 60, mayhem 0 thru 10. All I have noticed is that he has different routines based on how long the battle takes ‘ how much damage you give him. He may only do the ground tilt over & over or he may spit out dinosaurs & monkeys repeatedly.

Isn’t there a Mayhem modifier that disables crits?

No, the modifier reduces crit damage but doesn’t disable it.

Maybe Big Head is on so graveward’s top crit ends up below the ground level when he slumps forward.

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That definitely sounds like the Galaxy Brain modifier, Gravewards crit spots I believe are effected by this modifier and can sometimes make it difficult to hit them and why i don’t use this one,I recall he used to do crazy stuff with the loot drop as well with this modifier and they fixed it a few months back


You’re RIGHT! It was Galaxy Brain that caused it.

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