Two unusual observations in the M / S Badass Round

I have experienced a lot of Badass Round of M / S. But nowadays there is a certainty about the place where confidence comes out that it is the fact that magicians often appear when playing with Zero. Especially, the appearance frequency of (Ultimate Badass/ Hell) Fire Mage is high.

This can be a coincidence, but one more thing: the Tubby Skeletons that appear there are always releasing Legen / Pear items. In my experience, I do not remember the occasion they did not drop those colors.


Maybe they had enough of your badassery, lol



Today I saw a Tubby Skeleton with no Leg/Pear drop…
I feel bad.:unamused:


I try not to fall into the logical fallacy traps that are almost guaranteed to emerge when interacting with RNG based systems, but I totally want to believe this a thing sometimes. It just feels intuitive to assume that the Loot System and enemy scripting is weighted toward whichever Vault Hunter the player is using, despite contrary proclamations of “Random is random”.

Like it just feels like I get drops/quest rewards befitting of not only my character, but of my character’s build as well. For example: I have, at least a dozen times, been rewarded an Evisceration Rubi when turning in that quest with Zer0 on various playthroughs. It even seems that I get weapon accessories and prefixes that are good for my build more often than I would with a different class. It’s as if the Devs are using the Nudge Theory to manipulate us into completing a build or trying other builds that would be effective for that Vault Hunter. Of course I have no absolute convictions on these ideas without the requisite evidence, but…