Two vault hunter ideas Borderlands 3 Nanobots and were-skags

My group of friends and I got together a couple ideas for vault hunters.
One of them is the were-skag, with the main skill being able to turn into wear skag, three skill trees being (pack leader) team support and summoning two friendly sKags (savagery) personal stat increases (elemental) elemental stat boosts and even becoming an elemental were-skag. we thought that being a were-skag would bring back good memories of the 1st borderlands Halloween DLC.

the other one is being a NET (nano assembled trooper) main skill become a mass of black goo in the shape of the vault hunter. Gains a passive boost to shield and health regeneration. skill trees are (Nano repair systems) personal stat boosts geared towards tanking regeneration. (assimilation) increasing your melee damage and later perks allowing you to force enemy grunts to change sides. Even making you more resistant to certain elemental damage (Jet loader) a buddy in the sky plays a support role.

I really never seen Nano bots in borderlands yet and the group and I would like to see something along those lines.

Anyway thank you for taking the time to read these ideas.