Two versions of B3 on PS5


I have a CD version of the game and I reinstalled it on PS5. For some reason after installing all updates game downloaded two versions, one for PS4, one for PS5. Why? Both versions take over 180GB form PS5 disk alltogether which is really bad idea given the size of the internal drive. Can I remove PS4 version and keep only PS5 veriosn or PS5 version requires PS4 version to work? I would avoid removing over 100GB of PS4 version just to find out PS5 version requires it and then wait again several hours to download PS4 version again. I don’t care about PS4 saves or trophies.

The version for PS5 has optimizations specifically to take advantage of the PS5’s better hardware. You should get higher frame rates at the same resolution, for example.

One thing you should be aware of is that transferring save files from an actual PS4 to a PS5 has some issues right now - see the other threads about upgrading to PS5 for details.

If you don’t care about save files from a physical PS4 that you had sync’d to cloud storage, you should be able to remove the PS4 version without issue.

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