Two versus Two Tournament, WWHW3, Information: Prize Pool, Map Pool, Lobby Settings, etc

Howdy all! This is a pretty simple post.

I’m just wanting to gauge how many potential players are interested in participating. Honestly, I’d like at least 16 teams, making 32 players in total.

And, also, a quick small quiz here:

  1. What vanilla maps did you like the most in Homeworld: Remastered?
  2. What is your favored race(s)?
  3. Will you be participating?
  4. If the above is in the negative, will you be spectating?
  5. Is there anything else, based on the last tournament we ran and others, that you’d like to tell us?

For the Map Pool, we’re using completely custom maps created by one of our staff, and will ensure that every player has them downloaded before the tournament begins. Once the map pool has been finalized, we’ll be releasing the map pack, and will also link to a YouTube video showcasing the maps, their features, etc.

For the Lobby settings, we’re currently considering having:
- Resource Multiplier: Low
- Unit Cap: Medium
- Starting Resources: Medium (3,000 RUs)

The prize pool is still being worked out, however, we know that the first-place contestants and the next two runner-ups will be receiving signed Homeworld Prints created by James Nicholls at our Facebook group.
You may also get the opportunity to win some Homeworld & Gearbox merchandise which will be provided by Fist of Heaven; such as T-Shirts, Stickers, Etc.!

Here’s two examples of what you can anticipate winning;
You can find more in-production images here:


Right now, it is currently being debated whether or not to use the vanilla experience of the Community Patch, what do you guys think?

Sounds like fun. Not sure if you have a caster/commentator but I should be available if you need help covering the matches.

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Take a look at your private messages, @P3G4SU5.

  1. I like all the maps… Small ones for fast action, Medium ones for some destroyer or possibly BC play, and Large ones for crazy FFA’s!

  2. Vaygr

  3. Wife @Gameg1rl and I would love to play! :wink:

  4. We will be watching any that we can, spec, utube, what ever!

  5. I have not been in any of the tournys yet, and love the ID of prizes. I think for the future you should consider looking into getting some 3d printed unit; Destoyer, Frigate, Battle Cruser! I would wager this would make them very popular as EVERYONE wants a desk trinket of their favorite games! EVERYONE! It does not have to be a fancy mass produced $$ colored unit. Just whip out a raw 3d print and let the player do their own coloring! :smile:



I may participate if it is at a good time and my uncle feels up for it / someone else i like wants to team, i like hig vey and taiidan (once support frigates can heal their own ships again). if im not playing il surely watch it live assuming im awake at the time its streamed, when it comes to maps its pretty much Imposed cosmos > all, with honorable mentions to sarum dustcloud, hostilities end and silumin training

We’ll be organizing match times around what is best for both our players and our casting team.

I’m looking forward to this, I’m a long-time Homeworld fan. How is it looking? I may be able to get the game running and get a teammate. When can I expect matches to be? You should run them all at the same time. Friday night? Douglas, send me an email. I will PM you my email address.

edit… couldn’t find PM button… send email an to for communication about the tournament, I probably won’t re-check this forum.

You should always check the forums; It’s where we’ll be actively posting updates about the tournament.

As stated above, it’s still being organized, but things are looking positive in terms of interest and player commitment. I’m bringing the tournament staff back together (after our previous tournament) for the upcoming event as we speak.

Also as-above, we’ll be organizing match times and dates around both our players and casters, the main reason being that this isn’t a professional tournament; and that means that we have to account for our contestants who don’t have as much free-time as others due to real-life constraints with either employment or other obligations. Obviously, with the latter being said, we won’t be accepting any participants who have no free time and are just wasting our own.

The above also being said, we’ll focus on the weekends of course, as they’re both the best times for our viewer demographics and most employment/educational requirements. But we’ll likely be running matches during the week all-the-same.

Just an update guys:

Things are stilll progressing! We’re not dead!
Right now, we’re finalizing the map pool, as well as ironing out our Rules & Regulations document. We should be taking applications and running qualifiers, hopefully, late-June-to-mid-August. I hope we can get a large enough turnout!

Is this still in progress? I would love to participate if possible

Development has never stopped. There’s a lot that goes into making one of these tournaments. Figuring support, who’s doing what, and how many players to plan for is taking a great deal of time.

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Whats happening with this? I just heard about it

oh… I didn’t realize all those posts were from 2015… any other tournaments on the horizon?