Two wanted Items

There is one item I have never managed to get and another that is currently taking days to try and farm. These are:

  1. A good Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod ( ie Crit Damage >+36% and Fire Rate >29%) with +6 Money Shot skills. Ideally somewhere between Level 51 and 60; and
  2. A purple Magic Missile x 4, ideally between levels 51 and 65.

I have many items to trade including Golds at most levels, including some OP10 items eg Corrosive Ferocious Shredder, Evolution Shield and a Corrosive Pichfork.


sorry, as this likely won’t be that helpful as I don’t have that gear on PC for you, but if you have a lower level x4 magic missiles, there’s not much difference as the slag chance is the same no matter what…unless you are using them for damage for some reason…