Type of Hero missing from BB (just an observation)

  • Martial Artist
  • Dual Pistols
  • Spearman (umbra doesn’t count)
  • Someone that shot energy from their hands
  • Verelsi Hero
  • Holy power based Hero (Anti Galilea)
  • Monkey/Ape base (every moba need one lol)
  • Rides a Beast
  • A Hero that comes in a pair
  • Hero that self destructs
  • A Depressed Hero (Think they woulod have funny things to say)
  • Builder based Hero
  • Digger Hero
  • Instrument Hero ( Power Guitar!!!)

Did i miss a type?

I want a ghostly / specter type character, that could be another archetype.

“Someone that shot energy from their hands”. Orendi.
“Monkey/Ape base (every moba need one lol)”. Every human hero is ape-based.
“A Hero that comes in a pair”. Shayne & Aurox.
“Hero that self destructs”. Toby
"Builder based Hero". Kleese.

Stop making this game like League. Lee Sin, Lucian, Kalista, Leona, Wu Kong, Sejuani, Amumu, Heimerdinger, Rek’Sai, and Sona are not in this game…

Half these seem to be based off Overwatch characters… idk about some of them, but I agree on the verelsi one and someone that shoots energy beams sounds cool. Also just like a superhero dude (the hero Noone wants but everyone needs lol) and maybe have him as a non-factioned character.

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Its not really what they “need” just types i noticed was “missings” of right now.

I think it’s a harmless discussion about what kind of characters could be added, not a hostile “make it more like” post…

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Thank you lol.

I’m sorry to come across like this. But I don’t think Gearbox would copy some basic ideas and just blatanlty paste them. (Like a Monkey Hero… Come on… Overwatch, League and even Pillars has one…)
Sure, some abilites are totally the same from other games, like Kelvin’s Ice Wall or Rath’s Bladestorm. But I think we could get further ahead if you would actually gave the Heroes some skill and lore ideas.
I mean, if it’s purely cosmetic, they could become T2 or T3 skins.

Its not really copying. As they say there is nothing new under the sun. Not comparing in to LOL either, or overwatch. Just notice that these might the ideas that might be used on new Hero, from some of the others ones being taken. Its more like process of elimination =/

Ah yeah, don’t get me wrong. Some ideas are great. And I don’t mind you suggesting stuff.

But I’m really curious about what kind of skills and lore you could add to them, because if it’s purely cosmetic, then it’s just a skin.

Its not really a “Character creator” post. Its more like of. Hey have you notice BB doesn’t have a “…”. BUT WHO CARES NOW…they nerfed ISIC…MY ISIC. Salt levels raising.

The thing is it’s hard to say with lore, because all we really know is they are bound to the same factions that are already in game. What we don’t know is what other kinds of aliens there are in the universe, at least one DLC character looks like a new species, probably two. Orendi is practically a living Halloween decoration, Kelvin is a colony of stone cold parasites, etc.

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…How is this related to this subject?

@tidalspiral I know it’s hard, but isn’t it fun to speculate. I mean like Orendi sure looks like some kind of Varelsi thing, right? Shooting energy from her hands and four arms, just like Varelsi… Who knows what they’ll do to her skins or even in DLC lore-wise!

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Well this thread is escalating quickly… lol Good day gentlemen.

Oh yeah I love digging into the cast at hand, Attikus is worth looking at. I mean he has one of the most relatable stories I feel like, freedom from oppression. He is asking his brothers to stand against evil so they can become their own nation, I almost wish they had given him companion thralls to fight with.

You seem like a cool dude, which console you playing on?

I’m on Xbox One.

That’s too bad. Would’ve enjoyed playing the game together!