Types of Crowd Control We Could Use

Polymorphs and Saps they would introduce a CC that would need to be played strategically as damage of any kind affects them. Fair use they would obviously need Diminishing Returns but the current CCs should already have that but I don’t feel they do.

Real talk, what’s a polymorph?

It’s exactly the same as sap but it causes you to change into something else in WoW it turned you into a sheep.

Haha that must be super annoying to have happen to you. But agreed the slows and stuns are cool but a person changed into like a thrall, that would be super cool. Polymorph into primal thrall.

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In Advanced Story mode how can we even tell those are working?
I’ve tested them and need some sort of meter to prove it is doing anything.
Truth be told I’m not a fan of the gear in this game, compared to what we used to drool over.

There’s a particle effect associated with cc effects, like stars and swirls.

The slow works in advanced and blind too. Got the heliophage goggles and you can even blind bosses. Use the slow gear on Isic to keep those thrall off me. They work for me. Also how funny would it be troll by polymorphing a thrall bonecrusher into a primal thrall? The odds of its suprising someone are slim but when it does…priceless.

Well how you use it most rpgs is you sap/poly the target you dont want to come then ranged pull the rest and you don’t aoe till the aoe will not hit the cc’d target. Because damage always breaks those effects they also tend to have longer durations then stuns, slows and the like but the more you hit the same target with a cc the less it affects them.

Cooldown Reset? - Puts all skills on cooldown as if they were just used.
Shrink/Mini? - you get shrunk to tiny size, do almost no damage, take increased damage, and can be stepped on.
Zombie/Undead? - Healing effects hurt you instead.
Confusion? - all models look the same. Skills/attacks can hit anything.
Weight? - slow movement + unable to jump. (tradeoff cant be knocked up or knocked back either)

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I was thinking more practically for new characters those would be fun for alternative variants.

I don’t think sleep/sap would work too well in this game because of how chaotic it is (and because you only have a few powers…maybe as a helix option).

I’d love to see a character that used fear, though. The melees would hate me soooo much.

This would be a very good addition. There is already Wound which disables healing but only Galilea has it.
A lot of people are bothered by how powerful heals get, I feel. So, instead of nerfing healing, maybe offer some alternate counterplay, yes?

I suggested something along those lines in one of the threads for Pendles. Think I called it Corruption. Basically, like poison except it converts incoming healing to damage for a short period of time.

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