Typhon cutscene crash


I’ve been encountering several bugs and crashes in this game that bring down the experience, but nothing I’ve not been able to overcome so far. Recently, however, I got to the point in the game where you encounter Typhon Deleon on Nekrotafeyo and every time I start the cutscene my game freezes and crashes, sometimes rendering my entire PC unresponsive. When the game doesn’t freeze my pc until I’m forced to reset, a message pops up saying “Video drivers have crashed and reset, please make sure they are up to date” but the problem is all my drivers are up to date. I’ve experienced this crash with the intro cutscene for Aurelia and the cutscene where Tannis is revealed to be a siren, but I managed to get past them by loading into my game again and mashing buttons to skip the cutscene before it crashed and then just watching it on youtube, unfortunately skipping the typhon cutscene doesn’t work and the game crashes regardless. I’ve tried around 15 to 20 times now and seen several tips from other forum posts such as “use fullscreen mode” and “enable vsync” but this has done nothing. I have the correct specs to play the game and can run every other game I play fine, I just run into issues with Borderlands 3. Can anyone help?

A friend on discord told me they had the same problem and fixed it by going to
Local disk > Users > Insert username here > Documents > My games > BL3 > Saved > Config > Game user settings.ini


then scroll to the bottom and change “PreferredGraphicsAPI=DX12” to DX11

Hope this helps anyone else who had this problem

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