Typhon logs usually broken

It seems at least one of three logs on every map is completely broken. I can play them, replay them, but the challenge just doesn’t update. I’m 2/3 on several areas already with the third being impossible to complete, meaning I can’t get even a single reward for these until this is patched.
Is anyone else experiencing this?


I am on ps4 and it is Working fine for me

you do know you need to find all 3 Logs on an area, for the location to show? :slight_smile:

You did read my post?
The final log in almost every area doesn’t trigger the crew challenge to update, locking me out of the red chest at the end
Oh, can’t forget the passive aggressive smile emoji! :slightly_smiling_face:

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On PS4 anyway I haven’t had a problem with them registering.

I’m playing on the PS4 Pro and I just experienced this problem for the first time. I’m on mission “Cold As the Grave”, and every Typhon Log has registered up to this point. I have one in Blackbarrel Cellars that doesn’t show up on the map and still says “Inspect” after listening to it. All three show up in the “Typhon Log” section of the echo, but still says 2/3 when looking at Crew Challenges.


Unfortunately I still haven’t found a fix, hopefully a patch will address this soon because I want those Typhon chests.
At least I’m not the only one getting locked out of this loot

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You wrote 2/3, i read it like you had found 2 our of 3 and you didnt get the location for the next log.

So it was actually just a normal smile, and i replied with good intentions.
Sorry i made your day worse than it already were.

and its super bad loot anyway, just rush to lvl 50 and grind some bosses. Im lvl 50 with Guardian rank 288… everything is super boring.

I interpreted it as “have you tried playing the third log doofus,” but I’ll forgive you.
The loot isn’t really that important to me, what is though is the completion. I need them for the achievements and having my maps stuck as incomplete is frustrating.

the last log I always have to listen too completely and it takes a min after that to register.

They are replayable when you revisit them. If you revisit and listen to all three does that unlock the last one?

Nope. I’ve gone back to several of them. Playing them multiple times without leaving the map doesn’t work. Neither does quiting out and trying again.
I did get one of the bugged logs to work on eden-6 by hitting it while Wainwright was talking, quest dialogue overrides it and the challenge updates immediately without playing the log. Haven’t checked if side quest dialogue does the same thing, but that’s not a very sustainable fix

Agreed. Sounds like your best bet would be to run through with someone else who hasn’t got them yet.

The second log on blackbarrel cellars bugged out for me. To get round this interact with the log and don’t move, let it play through completely, crouch, interact with it again. It should register that you’ve interacted with it. Thi fix may work with every other log that’s bugged out on your game.


I couldn’t get that same log working until I tried your suggestion. I reloaded the area, relaunched the game, and even tried restarting my pc. Thank you SO much!!!

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Oh… My… God… Cant believe this actually helped, Crouching made it appear on the map, then listening to it made it complete.

You are a genius!

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Thank you! This worked for me on my PS4. That incomplete map was gonna bug me!

Second log bugged out for me on ps4 pro. This game is full of bugs. It’s bloody irritating.

Another bug I faced was the quest that rewards Nog mask. I didn’t receive that head reward either.

The worst is if you report this bug some idiot replies by saying did you try reinstalling the game. That doesn’t help.

It’sa bug and they need to fix all these bugs rather than working on events and DLCs.

I have this issue on Promethis right now. I’ve gone to all three locations multiple times but it shows 2/3. i am not sure which one is bugging out :frowning: