Typical runs showing Time, XP and Credits (For newer players)

Have been asked about this a few times so I did some Story, DLC and Bots runs with Marquis.
Each run-thru was typical, found any and all chests, did available challenges, etc.
No farming was done, nothing to extend the time.
The story runs were in Normal mode, for Sabotuer I did Normal and Advanced to show the diff.

(Name) (Time) (Char XP) (Credits)

Algorithm 37:11 128 629
Void’s Edge 46:00 142 350
Renegade 39:25 128 283
Archive 28:38 106 227
Sentinel 44:50 140 333
Experiment 36:31 143 523
Sabo Normal 43:57 138 391
Sabo Adv. 46:38 143 834
Heliophage 36:53 123 201

Monuments 22:28 92 1016
(public bots)
Monuments 11:41 72 382
(private bots)
Outskirts 9:21 67 375
(public bots)

Attikus dlc 38:05 126 121
(100 OPs)
Montana dlc 38:03 126 87
(100 OPs)
Toby dlc 38:45 126 82
(100 OPs)


those times are way longer than normal runs


Can you elaborate? I didn’t pause anywhere, they are close to speed runs.

I think most times would be closer to ~20-30 minutes if they were “proper” speed runs to my experience (just complete the objective as fast as you can), but take it the times got higher when you went for all the chests.

For instance, when me & @Phoenix-2613 tried to speedrun Adv. Heliophage, we completed it in 23:27 on our first attempt.

I may be wrong, but I’m relatively certain you can complete Void’s Edge <20 min. as well.


Yep. I decided to solo speed run the Void’s Edge and ended up with a completion time of 18 minutes. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the value of seconds, I want to say 18:23, but don’t quote me; it was probably a tad longer than that. I reckon you could do it even faster still, I wasn’t entirely focused on the objective 100% of the time, and I wasn’t exactly playing the quickest character in the game.

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It was actually 18 minutes that I was thinking about, but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to overstate what times you could aim for :sweat_smile:

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I was using full movement speed helices and gear on top of that, if that factors for anything as well.

As Deande, which may be the biggest thing in your case :grin:

But yeah, just tried to speedrun real quick (ha!) as Caldarius and got the time down to 16:23. Would’ve likely gotten below 16 min. had I not screwed up at a couple of places.


I didn’t intend to show the fastest ways, the focus is Character XP and Credits.

Advanced Helio in 23 minutes is incredible.

I assumed so as well looking at the OP, just responded to this :grin:

I’m still hurt about that as Deande doesn’t have a lot going for her in terms of speed unless you spec for it, hence why I said you could probably do it in less than 18 minutes, which you’ve since proven with Caldy.

You know me far too well, you got this:

from this:

I don’t recall you being in the chat party at the time of me attempting the speed run, (if you were, I apologise for forgetting about you, and for being a numpty as that would explain how you knew), but I never specified in my post who I was playing as, and Mellka could just have easily applied to my above statement as what Deande could’ve done.

I know that I’m partied up with you regularly, so you know me better than most people, and I know that my profile clearly leads to that assumption for everyone else, but still…

I thought I was fairly diverse in terms of PvE. :laughing:

For the record, did these with Marquis only because he was the best of the 3 Characters I have remaining that are not level 20, but Marquis is now, so only Kelvin and Kid Ultra were left.

Not sure why but I have no desire to use my fav characters anymore now that they are maxed and the lore is done.

You are disloyal? :smirk: (kidding)

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I’m the exact opposite. :laughing:

I have everyone’s lore finished, but I’m simply not motivated enough to play anyone that I don’t enjoy to level them up. At least not for anymore than two consecutive matches anyway. I still don’t have everyone at rank 15 yet, and the character rank cap was increased to 20 aaagggeeeeesssss ago. I’m so behind, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t regret it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nor do I, I’ve been in a party when you’ve talked about it. Not sure if that’s when you did it though :grin:


…I’m curious, when all your characters are level 20 and the lore is done, will you play BB?
I can see doing some dlc runs, maybe Advanced Story for gear, but any PvP?

A lot of people play this game because they enjoy it’ not for the sake of completeing everything. Look at @Ashbweh who has all characters to 20, all titles unlocked and all diamond ranks (I think) but is still playing all the time.


I haven’t actually done all the diamonds I have like 5 left :stuck_out_tongue: But you are correct I play this game a lot even after completing everything (just can’t get those damn supercharge titles because nobody plays it anymore).

Same goes with @SirWalrusCrow who actually completed everything a couple weeks before me :stuck_out_tongue:


How dare you speak of such blasphemy peasant!? We must ascend your position into the heavens by granting you the medals of honour to complete your collection! Only then can the Elders accept you as one of their own, and you shall bask in the glory of their presence!


I need you to carry me pls :joy:

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