Typo on either Pendles or Ernest Lore

Breaking Character…

Just a heads up…
There’s a typo on either the Ernest or Pendles lore.
Ernest has MSCB as the former Menneck B military force.
Pendles has MSBC.

Unless Benedict and Ernest were in two different military forces, which opens up some interesting story possibilities if they segregated flightless and flight capable.


Would be interesting but it seems like a simple mistake (I’m pretty sure they have segregation)

I’m almost positive that it is MSBC that is correct, as it sounds way more catchy and military-E. Perhaps “Menneck Special Ballistics Counterforce”?

That sounds like a good name, but not sure about counter force

Breaking Character…


Maybe “Command”?
Menneck Special Ballistics Command?

Although… going with the alternative…

Benedict’s homeworld is Madan, not Menneck-B. (Unless the flightless call it Menneck-B and the flight capable call it Madan)
I think they’re both planets in the Menneck system.

Benedict could be…
Madan Special Ballistics Command.

Ernest could be…
Menneck-B Support Control Board.

Really, no idea they possibly lived on different planets, aviant society needs to be explored, I want to know how their military works and how bad thier possible segregation works

Breaking Character…

Just speculating on this line of thought… because I love speculation and exploring story ideas…

I’m thinking they might have had a less extreme Romulus and Remus type of relationship, thinking more along the lines of Elysium.

Madan was the beautiful homeworld where the flight capable ruled and had all the higher learning facilities. The best doctors, the best schools, the best opportunities.

Menneck-B (just named after the star, Menneck, because it’s not important enough to have a name of it’s own) was all flightless overseen by the flight capable. The flightless did a lot of manual labor and low level factory and manufacturing jobs, hence why Toby’s so good with machines. They were forbidden from having an organized military force (again bringing Toby’s lore, {sort of, publicity materials but still canon} into this, “On his homeworld of Menneck-B, Toby quietly outfitted his burlier brethren with heavy-duty firepower of his own design.”) and only a privileged few were allowed access to explosives and weapons for fear of a revolt. Ernest had to be disciplined, smart, and respectful to get access. Toby learned to be respectful and quiet because to do otherwise meant being punished by the ruling caste.

So when Madan’s force started failing hard, they abandoned Menneck-B and left them to fend for themselves. The bad blood between Toby, Ernest, and Benedict comes from having their world be abandoned, having the ruling caste of the flight capable fail miserably to defend the entire system, and years and years of being put down by the flight capable.

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Menneck Special Battallion Command seems extremely plausible to me. Ernest and pendles are both specialists which wouldn’t really fall under normal rank and file command.

take modern day military(using navy for this)

comnavairpac is "command, navy, air forces(plane squadrons and aircraft carriers), pacific fleet"
or comnavairlant for the atlantic.

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opposing philosophies have fascinated me for years. it’s like 2 sides of the same coin

Ah… A logical paradox. Just don’t try it on ISIC.


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