Typos in BL3 - Post any you find!

It didn’t really feel like a tech support issue so I didn’t post it there for support, since it’s not a gameplay affecting issue, but I figured I’d at least bring it up as it made me chuckle.

This relic I found says that it “enahances” the radiation effect rather than enhances

Anyone else found any typos?

One caught my attention is “Safegaurd” artifacts. A few pointed this out and now I cannot unsee and it’s a bother to my eyes especially since my Moze needs it

I got one of those yesterday. It’s just sloppy.

Hah! Nice. Also, love the avatar

That does seem to be a bit of a theme with BL3 from what I’ve seen

I like yours too. Not much of MLP fans in Borderlands universe. I haven’t seem to come across you but welcome!

The Abundant prefix can sometimes be found to read Adundant.

I’ve just spotted one in Fl4k’s hunter skill section.
“Fl4’s” pet gains increased damage. (Grim harvest skill in case the photo link doesn’t work.)


The amount of times I have redone Fl4k’s skills and I’m only just finding it now makes me wonder how many other skills have typos between the characters.