Tyreen and Troy are a terrible follow up to Jack

It’s honestly tragic that the series went from one of the greatest Villains in history, to people who are worse than Steel was, Tyreen has a few moments where she shows legit charisma and Menece but then the black hole of interest that is Troy shows up and ruins most of them,

i think it would be in the series best interest to start off Borderlands 4 with a time travel Vault to retcon 3 out and bring back Jack and the dead vault hunters, since it’s clear him and the gravitas of Roland’s death were flukes and it’s better to ride them then try and fail to live up to them,

While some of Troy’s dialogue is awful, his story arc is more interesting than Tyreen’s.

Also: “gravitas of Roland’s death”? Lol. Milkshakes.


No character arc is worth it,

Tyreen’s best moment was her little speech about bandits being an untapped resource, in that one moment she was actually looking like a really good villain, who could live up to Jack’s legacy if not fully,

And I meant stuff like the legit touching moments after it, and the Tiny Tina DLC, admittidly it worked better because 1: the OG VHs were all blank slates so we had minimal attachments so they felt less like our PCs and more like Nomral NPCs,

TBH they need to stop having past PCs in the games it runs the risk of stupid crap like Ryhs’s whole army deal, like dude, you worked for the most powerful many the universe had ever known, and your best pals with a Guy who took him down at the heart and height of his power,

The cliches played strait in this game were many and very cringe,

Gods don’t negotiate!
Tyreen win! :stuck_out_tongue:

In other news I haven’t played Borderlands 1,2, other previous version and while I started thinking Bl3 strong features is not the story, it, at least, grew on me and quite amused me! :smiley:

The side missions are all pretty good, but the main story is really weak, it’s full of cliches played strait which seems to be part of dumbing down the main story to try and ape BioWare or something,

The Twins aren’t horribad.

Besides if you was around this time release for BL2 people thought Handsome Jack was the goofiest dumbest villian ever. Thats all it was complaining about how shallow and generic Jack was as an antagonists.


The twins aren’t bad.
The problem is just that Handsome Jack was too good. Nothing would have been able to follow him up.


There is way more to unpack with Troy than Tyreen. He’s got the biggest inferiority complex towards Tyreen and yet at the same time also shares in her god complex.

I mean, go play their Sibling team battle mission on Eden-6 and listen to how each of them react as you play it.
Tyreen cares more about their ratings than anything else, the well being of her family is not even on the radar.
But Troy? He comes off surprisingly scared that you’re going to kill his team. Because those bandits chose him over Tyreen. She even makes fun of him for how small his support is. Even if only in this one mission, and for selfish reasons, he actually cares about other people.


Jack had 3 games to devlop himself as a character AND a villain.

The twins just a single game.

Think about that first.

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I’m currently to the jakobs planet, in that Time they have left only mild irritation and disapointment, that’s the equivalent of Jack not getting his diamond pony line where he really starts to show how fun he is, until after the fall of sanctuary, by which point he’s already amazing,

I actually think the twins are more than adequate villains. Comparing them to Jack is pointless, it’s like comparing McDonald’s to a gourmet meal but sometimes you just want some super-greasy cheap food.
At first they seem to be equals, with some attachment to each other even. As the game goes on you come to understand that that is completely wrong. Tyreen is a superbitch with a god-complex, pretty early on we see how quick she will call Troy a “parasite,” when her position as the sole siren is questioned. It makes a whole lot of sense, then, that Troy has such a massive inferiority complex himself. Being second fiddle to Tyreen, literally only being alive because she hasn’t decided to let him die yet, and always being the parasite instead of the real siren, etc. All that stuff brings him to a boiling point when he absorbs Maya. Tyreen can show some restraint, she doesn’t completely leech Lilith after all, but Troy hungrily takes everything Maya has.
After this point we see a very evident divide between the twins. There’s the mission in Eden-6 for example, where they pit their followers against each other to see which one is liked more. Their entire war is forgotten just to make a dumb point, very sibling-like thing for them to do but it shows how unhealthy their relationship really has always been. Troy is more than happy to kill Tyreen when it finally seems like he has the greater power, and after we finally end him there is literally no grief at all from Tyreen.
Her whole life she’s just used him as a tool, even when he’s dead she tries to incite Typhon against us by talking about it. He hated her and every siren because of that treatment. All of this is even more thorough when you consider Typhon’s role in it all.
Bl3 chose to make their villains tell a relatable story about family, you can’t pick them but no matter what you’re stuck with them. Personally I thought it was the only high-point of the entire storyline.


BL3s villain concept is one thing but I am personally really disappointed with the Troy and Tyreen encounters overall. BL3 has some epic boss fights making them memorable and challenging. The two endbosses lack imagination and innovation IMO, they just throw big numbers at you and are really boring otherwise.

One can hope for DLC bosses


Tyreen is the prince Geoffrey of Borderlands. She couldn’t possibly be more annoying to listen to, she looks like 3/4 of the females in the game even has the generic hairstyle, and the initial scene where she easily defeats Lilith was ridiculous.

Sure Handsome Jack is hard to follow, but even Nisha or Hector from BL2 DLC were infinitely better than Tyreen. I’m not sure what the fetish for annoying teenage females is but it’s getting old, and nobody will ever touch Tiny Tina.

BL3 would have been a much better game without Ava or Tyreen.

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