Tyreen as an playable character

Anyone wants tyreen with the destroyer Power?

I think tyreen as an playable character use te power of the destroyer in game, like the iron Bear of moze. So anyone like the ideia? Plis gearbox, is my favourite character in the game. I promise i Will explain better the gameplay of tyreen. I can offer a little quantity of BRL like $50 or 100& BRL.

I was hoping the Destroyer would be the size of a planet, since that was the size of its prison.

The one thing about this idea is the action skill would have a bigger version of Iron Bear’s problem “Not Enough Space”.

What was left of Tyreen after she was absorbed by the Destroyer and become a leech inside of it was malformed and naked. No more legs, one arm. I’m pretty sure she couldn’t be mobile apart from it.

Before being absorbed Tyreen would basically be a very OP Lilith with health steal abilities. In a different version of the game maybe they could have actually had Tyreen evolve over the course of the boss fight and gain more control over her form to become more “human” and less of a giant monstrosity? The opposite of Tetsuo in Akira. But they didn’t.

So yeah, Tyreen ended up with too much junk in her trunk to be playable as the Destroyer.

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First of all, I think Tyreen as a playable character would be about as awful as playing Cl4ptr4p. Just no. To both the twins.

Second, her action skill would almost definitely need to be Kirby-like where she can absorb an enemy and regain health or increase her damage output or, even better, depending on what she absorbs, she obtains a unique ability for a duration. Possibly that she can absorb abilities from other vault hunters in coop, as well.

Anything else would just be a waste of effort. And annoying as hell to boot.

Yeah this ideia os more cool, so.

I wish one day gearbox add tyreen to play, i think an DLC everyone understand? I dont have “Power” to contact directly gearbox and make gearbox add tyreen. Soni Just wish lol

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No one does, and that’s part of the problem with the gaming industry. They answer to shareholders and no one else. You’d have better luck trying to contact one of the mod creators. BL2 has some really impressive game mods that breathe new life into it. Maybe they’d help you out?

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So, hilariously funny then? I’ve honestly never laughed so hard as playing Claptrap and tripping Torgue Fiesta or PirateShip for the first time, and both still get a smile and a chuckle out of me.

Somehow, though, I suspect a playable Tyreen would not be so enjoyable. Snark, sass, and ennui don’t really translate well into action skills/perks.


Cl4ptr4p hasn’t been funny since BL2. That’s a verifiable fact.

Fr4gtr4p != Cl4ptr4p

And probably everybody hated her from the getgo :rofl:

I couldn’t stand her voice anymore before i left pandora for the first time (sorry to her VA, But tyreen is just so annoying on so many levels)

How about just running all over the galaxy gobbling up tinks like popcorn shrimp! Mmmm yum!