Tyreen, Troy, & The "Ice Queen" Questions (Spoilers)

Ok, so when you are heading from the Jakob’s mansion in the middle of Floodmoor Basin to the Anvil Prison, Tyreen comes on the ECHONet and says she “…BAMF’d right in during dinner, leeched the “Ice Queen” new CEO of Jakobs (obviously Aurelia) and installed her as a puppet.”

“Leeched” would refer to Troy leeching her power, right?

Or can Tyreen also leech?

If so, why does she need Troy?

Leeching, AKA “parasiting”, is his power, right?

What exactly is Tyreen’s power, then?

But can’t he only do that to Sirens?

Like he did to Lilith? And Maya?

What power did Aurelia have that he could leech?

Her Cryo powers?

Also, why did Lilith survive the leeching and Maya didn’t?

Can Troy non-lethally leech people and make them mind controlled puppets?

If so, why didn’t he do that to Lilith when he leeched her?

Or Maya?

Was Tyreen’s use of the word “Leeched” just an unfortunate writing choice?

Questions in spoiler text.

Thanks in advance!

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They have the same power essentially. If you remember after the Maya thing, Tyreen asks him “I thought you could only take from me,” to which he says he can take from any siren.
So, Tyreen can leech anybody, Troy can only Leech sirens.



Hmm, thanks for the clarification.

Still really leaves me wondering why she didn’t Kill Lilith, leaving her alive and hateful instead, or mind enslave her?

Same with Maya. Why kill her, and polarize all the Vault Hunters against them, as opposed to either just stripping her of her Powers, as Like with Lilith, or Mind enslaving her?

Is it just cuz the twins are reckless, impulsive, non planning?

Aurelia never got leeched. There are echo logs you can find that kind of explain why Aurelia worked for the Calypsos. But it was Wainrights father that got leeched. Aurelia was put in charge so she could find the vault key for them.


They planned on killing Lilith. They just wanted the bandits they summoned to do it, because they’re streamers and I guess that’s great clickbait in the future.
Troy actually had to stop Tyreen from finishing her off.

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I JUST heard it. I swear She talks about BAMFing in and leeching the Ice queen (or very icy lady) CEO of Jakobs and how much of a trip she is to control.

Is There a transcript of the dialogue somewhere?


I need to pay more attention, apparently.


Imagine having two mind enslaved Sirens to turn on the VHs and other enemies?

yes Troy leech Aurelia literally.



People above said Tyreen leeched her.

i am talking about a different kind of leeching. lol



Ooohhh, naughty!


I don’t think she can actually mind control anyone. I understand that we see signs that say “free brainwashing” but from what we see she simply controls the bandits like any other cult will. Promises of family and godhood, etc. When she actually drains someone, they seem to be completely consumed and turned into those statues.
In borderlands lore bandits will follow anyone that seems exceptionally powerful. They worshipped Lilith once, even. I don’t think she’d even need to brainwash them, just turn their leaders into statues and they’ll start worshipping her.

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@spacebubbles22 @1sirus2

You guys are right, I think.

Aurelia is DEFINITELY all about that money.

I could see her stepping up as the new CEO of Jakobs and all the money and benefits that entails, but the trade off is she’s a tool of the Twins.

@spacebubbles22 @1sirus2

And I suppose “she’s a trip” could just as easily have been referring to her high falutin’, arrogant, posh personality.

Yep. It is kind of unfortunate that they made her that way as in the Pre Sequel she had condemned Jack and called him evil showing she still had some morals.

But then again the game just likes to forget a lot of pre sequel information.



Makes me so very sad how true this is.

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@spacebubbles22 @1sirus2

Again, though, I would like to hear that bit of dialogue again.

I guess I will, on subsequent characters and playthroughs.

If when she literally used the word “leeched”, all she meant was, “Offered her a pretty sweet deal to put herself and Jakobs under our (the Twins) control”, that is lazy and misleading and confusing writing considering what they have built “leech” up to mean with the story up to this point.

You know, maybe Tyreen just thinks she’s a big “cult of personality” leader-and-influencer-of-people type, but what if part of her power, or maybe an inherent power that ALL Sirens possess to some extent, knowingly or unknowingly, is a bit of the ol’ mind control?

It would explain why people flocked to follow Lilith as The Firehawk (yes I realize her part in the story of BL1 made all the OG VHs pretty damn legendary, seems like Mordecai was the only one who didn’t end up leading a faction of some sort), and maybe even Steele’s troops fanatical devotion to her.

Tagging @Slif_One for any potential input he might have on this matter.