Tyrone smallums will not die

Its happened twice in a row now. I cant kill joey ultra violet without killing the 2 enemies making him invincible. One of which is tyrone smallums, The other is roaster. I get tyrone to literally no health and no matter how many times i shoot him he wont go down. Quitting and re doing the fight gave me different enemies so i could actually finish them. Anyone else encounter this or something similar?


Yep same for me can’t finish the fight because he turn unkillable… And it’s annoying AF
I get him 5 times in a row and every time he bugs to be unkillable. If Mm10 is not frustrating enough without glitching mobs.


So I may figured out the problem and that’s the Buddy modifier.
I swapped it out and then you can kill hin.
So please test it out for yourself if it works. For me it did the trick, so gearbox please check it out and fix it why the Buddy modifier makes him unkillable!!


I can safely say that the buddy modifier is not the only thing that can trigger this, as I just had it happen on a non-Mayhem run.

For me, it seems to happen if he is reduced to 0 health while in big form, before he can shift back into small form. He then shifts back to small form, but cannot take damage.


I’ve had this happen 3 or 4 times and it’s not connected to the buddy modifier, it just happens at random. Until they fix it the quickest way to deal with it is fast travel back to the beginning of the map, that’ll reset the boss fight and it’s just a little jog back to it.


Happened to me 3 times last night.

He just gets small and doesn’t die. No health. I could get second wins off him even though he had no health.

Kind of annoying


Yeah… I just had this happen on pc on a level 37 Zane.

I have specific (about 97% sure correct) reproduction instructions for this bug:

When fighting Joey Ultraviolet boss rush, bug seems to reliably occur if Tyrone Smallums takes lethal damage before his transformation animation is complete; that is, when Tyrone Biggums (second Tyrone state) transforms into Tyrone Smallums (third Tyrone stage), he is still a damageable actor, and apparently cannot proceed to his death animation directly FROM his transformation animation. This leaves him in an unkillable state with an empty health bar.

Particle effects make exact animation stages difficult to call with total confidence, but am now very sure that this repro is reliable.

Respectfully request prompt resolution; at risk of belaboring obvious, bug is a full progression block in a time-limited event.

Thank you for all your hard work.


Tested and confirmed, this is the same on PC. Thank you for “solution”

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Just happened to me too. He’s in his tiny form eith zero health.