U decide to nerf thorn and not address rath?

So we have 3 threads talking about how rath is cheap, way too easy to use, and should get a nerf in some area instead u ignore the community and nerf thorn. Ummm are u serious? So ANOTHER range character gets nerfed. This is ridiculous. That was one way I got to escape using her now blights time is cut in half. U guys really know how to show u dont care what the community thinks.

On all three of those threads, there are Several people like me pointing out that he’s not really op. Thorn’s blight zoning out for 10 seconds was a bit absurd when walking into it makes you a super easy target for the next three seconds of being slowed. So… Yeah it wasn’t really a bad call. Wouldn’t have been my top priority, but hey. She’s already got solid play, it’s not like this killed her.


Several compared to the other 95% who point out there is no escape for a lot of characters since his knock and slowdown hit way too far and his ult drops u from full health to 0 in about 3 seconds. And there a ton of abilities characters have that if they hit u ur become an easy target. Phoebe, Missle Turrents, Galilea, Rath, Marquis, and the list goes on. So no. That is a crap excuse. Plus it helped a lot with adds and in pve. Range character nerfed. Broken melee character still untouched

I love Thorn.
I picked her up last week or so, fantastic!

I was easily able to maintain Blight fields, especially in PvE after hitting 10 and having her Ult also supplement.
I had many situations, thanks to gear and chest item pickups, where a Blight field would only just be ending when I could recast immediately.

Bear in mind that this may have to do with upcoming changes as well.
We are supposed to be seeing an increase in the amount of skills with Bleed, so a high damage DoT might make those skills a fast kill scenario we don’t really want.
If that’s true, I would expect to also see potential Mellka nerfs, too.

You must have selective reading then, friend. I see two people talk about how broken he is, then everyone jump on them about him being perfectly balanced. He’s strong, but I still have no issue with him. Miko gets me killed more than any Rath.
That’s how teamwork goes. One person slows, the other kills. It’s no different than a stun with a sniper in range. You get stunned, sniper kills you in .5 seconds. That’s how it’s supposed to be.
That is where we agree. They shouldn’t affect pve with pvp nerfs. That’s just silly.

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This was a small numbers change that could be done in a hotfix. If they make changes to Rath it might be that those changes needed to be in the upcoming content patch. The one where 24 of the current 26 characters will be receiving adjustments of one kind of another.


Every character has quick melee = rath counter.

It doesnt affect pve with pvp nerfs? R u serious? Did u actually make that claim? Wow. Blight was a good move to have placed in an area enemies were gonna spawn in and run at u. PvE is very much affected by nerfs. And that is in any game. Go ask Destiny players like myself.

Nope, some characters quick melee has no effect on Wrath. Not all quick melee is equal.

Examples? I haven’t had any problems countering a rath on the 15 characters I’ve mastered using either quick melee or other commonly known countering ability. This would be news to me.

Orendi’s quick-melee seems to have no effect on Wrath’s ultimate. Which I’m OK with, not calling for nerfs, just pointing out my experience on the subject.

Oh well I haven’t gotten to Orendi yet. Guess I’ll find out the hard way in due time haha. What about her pushback though?

I prefer to take the blind rather than push-back, and it can’t be used while silenced.

Miko’s quick melee does nothing to a minion…to Rath, that’s an even bigger joke.

I meant use it to juke the silence with it’s self knockback.
And I’ve had Miko’s melee work against Rath as well as had it work against my Rath.

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They’ve announced changes coming up to just about every character. Rath’s might be too large for a quick fix or too complicated to solve quickly, Thorn’s might have been the smallest or easiest.
Blight was way stronger than any similar skill, it needed a little bit of a toning down.

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So… I am gonna go ahead and assume you are one of those people who are always out of position that I can just come up behind and murder? O.o As a Rath master, I can tell you that getting kills doesn’t mean you are always effective if it means I die too. When playing incursion, Rath is easily picked off by Thorn, Marquis, Oscar Mike, Alani, Kleese at times, Ghalt especially and so on and so forth. If I am able to get behind you because you neglect to watch your backs, I don’t feel sorry for you.

Also, to that note, if you EVER run up to me 1v1 when I am Rath, you better pray you strike first. Why would anyone challenge Rath alone after level 5 without a plan? He is THE MOST PREDICTABLE CHARACTER IN THE GAME. You know he can shred you with Deadwind (Dreadwind) so why get close to him on your own? It doesn’t make sense, call for backup! Heck, use quick melee and jump! Or… like I suggested, strike first with a cc effect (slow, silence, stun) you know how easy it is to kill Rath?

I can’t even begin to tell you all the weaknesses that people just ignore with Rath. When I play against him I specifically target him because I know he is so frail. I always call him out using R3 so my teammates are aware where he is at all times. And moreover, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS check my surrounding before mindlessly attacking minions, objectives or other characters. If it’s mid game and I know Rath is level 5, I will always make sure there are teammates in my area before I engage anyone. And because of this, I am often able to not only escape Raths Deadwind combo, but counter kill him as well.

But if they nerf him it doesn’t matter to me, people here will just complain about something else, like Boldur or Toby being OP

As someone who mained Thorn the entire beta and considers myself pretty good with her, I’d say that the nerf on her Blight was needed. At level 10 with a skill cool down item I could set up 3 Blights on the same spot for at least one second after launching a Wrath of the Wild, doing 360 damage in that single second from the Blights alone and not counting the 500+ damage from Wrath and then 240 for the remaining time. That’s just a little bit much, especially with slowing effects.

My main issue right now with that nerf is that Oscar Mike’s napalm augment does the same damage for the same durarion that Blight did without the slow effect from augmenting it, but with a base damage of 200 from the grenade and also a burning CC after stepping in it.

Rath can be a pain to deal with but he’s so frail that fighting him 1v1 is laughably easy for most characters. His Dreadwind is the worst thing to worry about but being able to know the terrain to run and have it get wasted or even stun him out of it is fairly easy to pull off.

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You do realize that he’s one of the 24 characters getting rebalanced/reworked in the upcoming major update, right? Also, your spelling and grammar could use some work. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they are text-speaking.

With this, I’ll just assume that you’re new here. Gearbox is one of the few game companies that actually listen to their fanbase, or give a sh*t at all. Just be patient, yeah?

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I play Thorn much, much more than any character.

I probably have 100 hours of Thorn play in PVP and PVE.

I love Thorn, I can’t imagine playing this game as much as I have if she wasn’t a character.

I think the changes to her were fair.

At level 8, Thorn can control a lane almost indefinitely. In fact, if you are creative, you can control 2 with a tiny amount of backup.

Reducing the length of time for Blight, while slightly annoying (because I like playing Thorn as a carry), is probably entirely fair.

Now, I would like to see a slight buff to her bow damage to compensate for how hard it is to hit stuff with it, but we’ll see how things shake out in the big patch.

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