UCP 2.1 Blockade or Naught?


I’m still thinking the Blockade is better because of that always on 39% Damage Reduction
And it’s even better with the Damage Reduction of Crisis Management and Forbearance.

But that Zero delay of the Naught and Bigger Cap looks…tempting…

Blockade, although don’t forget that the Nought should be full more often (if you’re taking regular fire) than the Blockade, so you get healing from Preparation (and if it’s working for you, you may opt to skip putting points into Willing and maybe Quick Charge). I’m assuming you’re playing Axton here.

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Forgot about the Preparation healing bonus from using the Naught…good point.

Am thinking:
Legendary Ranger with it’s Recharge Bonus (Shield Delay bonus would not apply)
Naught with the quickest recharge I can find
Willing 5/5
Quickcharge 3/5 (and with Legendary Ranger it’s 8/5)
Crisis Management is unused since there is no delay…and since the shield is Charging all the time…it would never kick in…correct?
Shift the CM points to Able
Ranger at 10/5 (a VERY nice 20% boost to 7 different skills)
Onslaught at 10/5
Metal Storm at 10/5


MAN…this might be hugely effective at a place like the Magic Slaughter where you are killing left and right!