UCP Legendary drop question

Not sure where else to ask about the UCP so hoping someone here can help.

So far in TVHM I have found 1 legendary AR and that is it. I am 47 and just beat Saturn and finished the Data Mine quest.

I have killed around 40 loot midgets, 10 wee loaders, numerous bosses on the way and had that single AR legendary drop.

Does UCP change it so only max lvls in TVHM get leg drops? I took my 72 Sal and farmed a few items for the Maya I am playing and he got numerous legendaries, but this Maya run has been nothing. just bad luck? Or did I do something in the UCP to alter drop rate?

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Questions about the UCP should be taken up directly with the authors of the patch on their support channels. I suggest you check the site from which you downloaded the materials for links to those. (Also moving this into PC tech support since it’s not a general BL2 question.)


It has probably something to do with the loot midgets not being ‘legendary’. Even in the base game there’s a huge difference between them. Also rng can be a pain. Your best bet is to farm specific bosses if you’re looking for something specific.


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There is no one I know that’s a regular here that can tell you if drop rates have been altered - so you’d be better served on Discord.
Simple test though : Knuckledragger for the Hornet or Mick for the Maggie are among the fastest farms in the game. The drop chance for all modes is 10%.

Here for a list of drop sources :


Actually on the GBD they tell you that you have an inferior version of the game and usually take an hour to answer after they go dead again and someone sees your question. Is this not official forum discord?

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The Gearbox forums are not the support forums for the UCP, if that’s what you mean. The UCP is not a banned topic as such, but it’s controversial for a number of reasons. If anyone has any questions specifically about this, they can PM either myself or one of the other moderators.

Closing this topic now since it’s done.