UE4 Crash when launch borderlands 3

I’ve just bought borderlands 3 last night and downloaded it, when im trying to launch it , it always gives me an error “You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.” things that i’ve already done it:

  1. Reinstall
  2. update windows
  3. update drivers
  4. Verify integrity files
  5. Download and set unreal engine 4 from Epic

does anyone else have the problem or is i just me?

My spec:
Acer Aspire Vx15
GTX 1050TI

I’ve seen a couple of reports identical to yours posted here, but no resolution. All I can suggest at this point is filing a support ticket:


thanks for the reply, so yeah i’ve been contacting 2k since yesterday but there’s no respond :pensive:

You should get an automated reply with a ticket number fairly quickly; a human response might take a little longer as we’re still in the launch window for Steam.

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well okay then, still need for the “Human” response to play this game ._., thank you for you reply!