UE4 with Borderlands Art Style

Absolutely gorgeous video and fun to see. Though Randy says it’s not BL3, there’s still a good amount of info and you can hear and see some of their ideas that for sure will be a part of it.


My heart jumped as he talked about the different lighting caused by different moons and suns than Pandora. From the BL2 ending we knew this was where it was going, but it felt so good to hear him say it.

Also, the engine it showed. He said that was from a future game and then at the end of the video that engine was attached to a propeller! That means we get the power of flight! Of course, it might be for a different Gearbox game. Either way very exciting and cool!


Randy, you tease. lol


I’m very VERY happy to see that they not only preserved the AWESOME aesthetics of the Borderlands franchise, but are improving it [with care and moderation, as should be] along with the graphical advancements [which is all about tech]. Very well done GBX, never forget the importance of aesthetics and details that make ambients believable.



I am SUPER hyped. Great mini tech demo. It is stuff like this that builds karma with the fans. It has been so long between drinks I was beginning to wonder if I would appreciate BL3 when it comes out. Just seeing this world again transported my mind instantly into the possibilities of adventures we have coming up. On the lead up to BL2, Gearbox really went the extras mile to introduce us to the game in subtle but impactful ways. I really hope they take this approach again on the lead up to BL3. I remember I was totally blown away with the preview of the Caustic Caverns and also the new enemy mechanics. I am in such a good mood now.


I honestly liked the very first screenshot he showed, without all the thick lines. Hopefully we can turn that stuff off from the options menu.

Good to see them using UE4, Phyx won’t be terrible anymore.

So I watched the presentation and feel pretty sure I understood everything he talked about on a technical level (probably thanks to my dabblings with character models). :sweat_smile:

That is some impressive tech they are working on for a “future game made by Gearbox”. Compared to BL2/TPS (even the Handsome Collection version) I think you are going to see a big jump in visual detail with the next game!

Props to Randy Pitchford for getting up on stage and being the one to talk about it, even with a technical background, that stuff can be hard to talk about and even harder to break down into layman’s terms.

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One of these things that gets me to love companies are insights like this one. It’s just stunning how Randy likes to stay in touch with the players. And it clearly shows that they know what we need. It’s nothing spectacular, no trailers of concept arts of the upcoming borderlands, no foreshadowing of characters. Its enough to show us what they are working on. And as some members of this community are absolutely fascinated by everything on the tech department, this is just a perfect little bit to keep us engaged.


They’ve been doing plenty of that with the Battleborn streams. We even learnt the other week that Phoebe’s placeholder model (while in development) was Maya with floating swords.

Even if you have no interest in actually playing the game, there’s lots of cool developery insights and stuff to check out if you like to peek a little behind the curtains.


With all the other vaults in the galaxy, I’d rather not go back to Pandora again.

Not that I have anything against other planets and vaults, but just like it was nice to revisit a piece of Fyrestone in BL2, it would be nice to play a game set on ALL of Pandora: full locations from BL1&2 plus new locations not yet explored. Although this would better be reserved for something like BL5 or 7, because we just played BL2 and it is too soon to revisit its areas.


Well, here’s hoping we’ll visit more diverse planets and leave Pandora behind. We already spend 2 games there.

Three if you count Tales of The Borderlands as well.

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The garage at the end reminded me of the one in Tales From The Borderlands. Probably not, but I’d have to go look.

That tech demo is impressive. Especially the black and white mode. Reminded me of art classes I took over 20 years ago.

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I bet this could be done with 3. 2 and TPS are last gen, so 3 can be insanely larger. I do hope we get Pandora though. It could be The planet of operations, though I imagine there will be a ship of operations (like NOVA).

There were rumors floating around that it would be bigger areas. Like, multiple maps combined into one. Eliminating a lot of transitional loading. I think it’d be amazing to have the only transitional loading screen landing on the planet. Then just one massive area. I don’t know how realistic that is though.

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Never played TFTBL, so it didn’t cross my mind.

Yeah, I can see that. I was playing BL1 yesterday and noticed a lot of those signs they showed and things on the test sphere were in Fyrestone. I’m sure a lot of those are quick access things that they have. Like how they used Maya’s mode and Zero’s swords for Phoebe, because it’s a quick way to test and play instead of waiting for the full design to be complete.

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Well it’s been almost 5 years since Borderlands was released. Six and change. Whatever Randy is doing is special. I can wait.

Well I’m sold, just need a release date now and putting pennies away for the Golden Bollocks Edition lol.

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Yeah, that looked awesome. I can hardly contain myself.