Ugh no wonder I've been hating the direction they've been taking with balance

Apparently it was said in stream that they don’t want players just chasing the best gear in the game, and instead would like people to create their own playstyles with the things they find?

This doesn’t make much sense to me, because there is always going to be that group of players like myself who enjoy chasing down the best gear and becoming OP, for me it’s because I like having a goal and knowing what I want to go for. I’m sure others have different reasons for doing it, and a lot of it boils down to enjoying feeling powerful.

I feel like they can still achieve what they want without hitting everyone’s favorite gear with the nerf bat which so many like myself loathe. They just need to buff the under performing gear. Because as it is, it definitely feels like they’re trying to force us to play how they want us to play, and that sucks.


That is just an excuse for the bad decisions they are making and for you to think that it is not a beta tester.

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Frankly I do not care what “They” want. They made a game, I bought it - now it´s mine. I do not need GBX to tell me how to “best” play this game - I am old enough to decide for myself.
I have no numbers to back this up, but my impression from playing years of BL1 + 2 (and a little pre-sequel) is that long term players are hanging in there to get OP, solo raid bosses (oh wait, there is none so far) and such things.
When it was announced that BL 3 was not having any competitive multiplayer stuff I was really happy, but now I ask myself why they are treating this game like some battle royale or MMO thing?


This wouldn’t be a bad thing if the things we find weren’t consistently weaker than the best gear. It also wouldn’t be a problem if we could find what we want.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t so many types of legendaries to begin with. If you consider how many different play styles there could be - there’s practically a legendary for that. Now instead of legendary gear actually meaning anything, instead of half of it being viable, instead of being able to find decent people or blues with appointments we could actually use… We end up having the few things that are enjoyable broken for us.

Quality content isn’t that hard to achieve, effort just hasn’t been there on gbox’s part so now we’re stuck dealing with them playing catch up. Make a good game > release it… Not the other way around


I get what they are trying to do.

See Diablo 3 is limiting your design choices considerably. You either go with what the developers think of or you go nowhere. You are free to use any skills you like but if you dont use any of the skillsets which force you into specific skill set-ups and gear you wont get far in terms of progression.

The Division 1 was the same. It has this rather complex mechanics and features *showering you with options but the moment you hit endgame (after story really…) you can only with with pre-defined builds provided by the devs.

If they tried to come up with a system that enables viability regardless which way you go…they failed simply by class design which already shoehorns people into specific directions. I m not saying its BAD but its not enough to achieve what they wanted to do. So each class has multiple viable builds but that means you can have ideas of your own which simply dont work with Zane.

I d say what they wanted to do was Path of Exiles kind of freedom when it comes to create your character. Well, its not is all I can say.