Ugh, where are my items?

Anyone else having trouble with pre orders…? I went to my mailbox redeemed my skins trinkets weapons and things the game told me to check my inventory ANDDDDDD EMPTY… now my mailbox is also empty I have no items to redeem and feel like I’ve just wasted money… can anyone help as I can’t even contact gearbox at the moment due tho the site now allowing me to submit a request…


+1 Same here. I reached out to epic game store and they told me to file a ticket with the devs.

I wonder if it’s because I clicked the mail instead of clicked the “accept” button. But still, why delete the mail item?

Didn’t receive any of my pre-order or deluxe edition bonuses either, but admittedly, I didn’t check my “mail”. Will have to (find out how to) do that when I’m back at home. I had thought the items would automatically appear/be pushed to us. Following this thread with interest.

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Its all there in the social hub in the menu. Go to inbox and there it should be

I was able to play early (Sept 12 7pm) and I only received the toy box pack(2 guns and a nade), a random booster pack(had a shield and nade mod), and the diamond butt bomb. I have yet to receive the rest of the items included in the super deluxe version. I don’t see the season pass or the 4 DLC either.
Not too long ago, i got the early adaptor items from the vip rewards program thing.

So I figured it all out after doing some digging. The trinkets are in a separate area. You have to click the little square beside your weapon to open up the trinkets tab.

For the weapon skins, you hover over a weapon and select inspect . Then a new screen pops up and bottom right of the screen should say change weapon skin. i’m on a computer so it says to press “x” and all the skins are there.

For character skins, you don’t get too much, just the skeleton and retro skin. Echo skins same thing. it’s called classic and death (something like that) its a neon skull on your echo.

Hope this helps!

You are absolutely right. Thanks a lot! :smiley: