Uh i guess PS3 is dead

(Devil Wolf320) #1


(Legendary Lunatic) #2

Was it ever not dead?

(Devil Wolf320) #3

I had some hope

(Devil Wolf320) #4

Pls talk to meh ;-;

(Just Your Average Dead Guy) #5

I still play BL2 on Ps3…

(Devil Wolf320) #6


(Just Your Average Dead Guy) #7

BackOffoRDie. Most of my characters are OP8, but I’m ready, and willing to fresh start, and yes, I have a mic.

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(Devil Wolf320) #9

I guess no
uh, ill add you when i have time.

([-10h GMT] PS4: Raven-Ghosthawk || Perma-brow Vulcan) #10

Im thinking of heading back on the weekends and i just got a headset…

Just gotta peel away from “Destiny” and “The Phantom Pain”…

(Sheriff) #11

I still play on my PS3 from time to time

(Sheriff) #12

Shots fired

…but no one is there to shoot back
(Tumbleweed) (howling winds) (Harmonica)

(Spark Seeker) #13

Im leveling a new Gaige on my good old PS3. Started a new PSN account so need to do it all again!

(Number1rusher) #14

seeking help leveling to 72 or op8.

also looking for guns/gear after leveling.
im level 63 commando with torgue,tina,hammerlock,oasis, and digistruct peak dlc.

also have presequel with 60+ level athena and claptrap dlc.

add me on ps3. i dont currently have a good microphone.

psn: number1rusher

would really like a level 72 or op8 infinity gun too. Ammo/money really are an issue in UVHM :frowning:

i also have level 50 rares i can trade to lower level players who have high level guns in their vault they can’t use

(Yoshijoc) #15

I’m playing BL2 on ps3

(Julio Cesar Campos) #16

I’m play Borderlands 1 and 2 on ps3… Add my psn userid to play julioccampos80 .

Catch a riiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!

(kev) #17

I play BL2 everyday on the ps3. Have almost all the dlc, really hoping for or looking for “the ogre” lv.66+ I got a level 61 but it’s starting to loose its edge lol
Add me for whoever wants to play always farming and leveling - add - mushroomlogger

(Yoshigonzo) #18

Hey wanna play borderlands 2

(parkerjonathanri) #19

Of course, what’s your psn, ps3

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #20

I’m a little late to the party, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. PSN: Hanzothesaw, Send me a friend request, and if you see me on feel free to pop in. Usually on morning to afternoon EST. No mic (yet), never cooped before, all DLC, 9 toons, 6 at 72+, a few at various points in leveling, willing to start any toon fresh or help out with stuff you’re working on if I can.