Uh i guess PS3 is dead

Of course, what’s your psn, ps3

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I’m a little late to the party, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. PSN: Hanzothesaw, Send me a friend request, and if you see me on feel free to pop in. Usually on morning to afternoon EST. No mic (yet), never cooped before, all DLC, 9 toons, 6 at 72+, a few at various points in leveling, willing to start any toon fresh or help out with stuff you’re working on if I can.


late as well but willing to play a new char or help out a current one maybe do some trading add me user: Shill368

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Hey Leute. Zocke immernoch auf der PS3 und könnte etwas Hilfe Gebrauchen was waffen angeht und das gemeinsame Spielen.
Habe aber kein Mikrofon.
PSN Name: moinwasgeht510

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hello friend. Most folks here speak English, but I will try to answer you with my broken German and Google translator. What do you need help with? What character are you playing and what level are you at? I’m in NYC, but maybe I can help. I play in the morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday.

Hallo Freund. Die meisten Leute hier sprechen Englisch, aber ich werde versuchen, Ihnen mit meinem gebrochenen Deutsch und Google-Übersetzer zu antworten. Wofür brauchst du Hilfe? Welchen Charakter spielst du und auf welchem ​​Level bist du? Ich bin in NYC, aber vielleicht kann ich helfen. Ich spiele morgens und nachmittags von Montag bis Freitag.

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Playnig coop

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it’s been a long time since i played BL 2 on the PS3
just add me PSN: kickaceDragon1

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just add me PSN: kickacedragon1

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Hi people, im on ps3 and still play bl2. Looking for friends to play with. my psn is: SymphonieBestial (i hav mic)

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my PSN is kickacedragon1

Are you absolutely sure? I can’t find you from PSN. Sent a message to a similar name but it didn’t respond…

the one that didn’t respond is me I don’t play that often so I forget what my PSN is
sorry about that

what name did you send the request to

“kickacedragon1”. Anyway, like I said, I can’t find no “kickenacedragon” anywhere.

kickacedragon1 is me I played last night

Hey add me : Danyzki

I play bl2 on ps3 about daily. Atm Gaige lvl 61

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ok but I don’t play as much

Hey i’ll be playing few hours on ps3 atm, if anyone wants to join!

Psn: Danyzki

Anyone looking for players on PS3, please use this thread: