Uh Maliwan Takedown+ Bloody Harvest crossover

Just thought.

Maliwan takedown is gonna drop about 21st I believe , that leaves a further 13 days of bloody harvest to go.

So as you’re trying to solo some of the baddest mf’s thrown at us so far…you also have the haunting ghosts as well.


oh no, i have to fire 1-3 extra bullets?


For every single ghost, and if you don’t, and it keeps stacking, you get ■■■■■■ up pretty bad, in this case. We’ll see how this goes.

i’m aware of how the ghosts work. I’m also not worried. They aren’t annointed or anything.

Dont you dare jinx us!!! Lol😲


Been my argument for weeks. The ghosts are negligible. I solo MM3 all day long, and if you just focus them quickly, poof.

Also, no guarantee of cross over. If Takedown is it’s own area, might be immune. Not sure tho.

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I bow down to your superior master race.

back in normalsville…feck, feck, feck, feck ,feck, ffyl.


just shoot them. that is the only thing i do. don’t get in close with any enemies, and shoot the skulls that pop out of their bodies. or hide behind a pet. mine is always in the way.

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