UHD Tex Pack Issues

My trusty old PS4 was on his last legs, he done what he could but in the end I had to
put him down, I’ll miss o’l Yeller but the times they are a changing.

Long story short, I picked up a shiny new PS Pro and have a 4K TV been delivered in a
few hours, my question is…do I download the UHD pack?

A friend sent me a picture of his pimps after the download and you can’t tell at a glance
which is fire or corrosive as the green / red colours have been removed and there was
no fire / corrosive exhaust graphic like you usually see on the gun. Has this been fixed
or are there still issues with it?

Mods - apologies if this topic already exists & if it does please move me over there!


There has not been a fix for the missing textures to the best of my knowledge. Hopefully, there will be one.

Ahh cool, thanks for the reply.

Hey, sorry to re-open this but does anyone know a way to uninstall the HD pack
on PS4?

Downloaded the free Handsome Collection from the store and didn’t realise the
pack would auto install.

Edit - Just deleted, reinstalled & problem fixed. Hell’s bells, it looked like a pint
of bleach had been poured over the screen, the colours were just faded away!