UHD Texture Pack Stuttering

Ok, so without UHD Texture Pack installed BL2 runs perfectly smooth 98 fps (RT limiter for 100Hz G Sync, V Sync On in driver) on max settings (physx low) with occasional
drops to 70 - 80 that are not very noticeable with g sync. With pack installed I have the same FPS but it introduces microstutters, when new textures are loaded I presume, which are very annoying. If I drop texture quality to Medium (that’s still UHD Pack textures but lower resolution) stutters are gone but it looks noticeably worse. Memory usage difference is 200-400mb more for High, so I think it should not be a problem for GTX 1080. If I disable G Sync and drop refresh to 60Hz with standard V Sync stutters slightly less noticeable, but going from 98fps G Sync to 60fps V Sync is well… jarring. What might be a problem? Engine itself?

I’am running Win 7 (installed it just for Borderlands games, as they performs terribly on Win 10), i5 3570k @ 4.5Ghz, 8gb RAM, SSD, 3440x1440.
Same stuttering is also present on Windows 10.

The game has a fixed interval at which it checks objects in memory (loot, bodies, etc.) and purges the older, low priority items. This has been observed to cause frame rate issues under certain circumstances, and it may be a contributing factor in your case. There is a setting you can change to vary this time interval - the default is iirc equivalent to about once every 60th of a second, which means it would sync up with certain frame rate settings. That should be listed in one of the “Microstutter” threads in this section if you want to try it.

There’s a few other observations in the “stutter” threads in this section that could be relevant as well. At the end of the day, though, I suspect it comes down to the game engine itself - the base system on release was Win XP SP3, which is obviously a very different optimization target to even mid range current systems.

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Thanks for suggestions. I still wonder why vanilla and UHD medium textures works flawlessly, but UHD high texture stutters. Well I’ll be upgrading soon. Will see how it performs on modern high end machine (probably even worse… :smile:).