UHD Texture packs availability on mac/linux?

There’s quite a few reports of mac and linux people not getting the UHD textures and game updates. Could anyone from Gearbox please tell us whether or not mac & linux will be supported?

Without the updates, mac and linux users will no longer be able to coop w. the windows folks. Pretty frustrating to see coop go out the window like that.

In the past, the release of various mac and linux patches would occasionally be slightly delayed compared to the windows version. Is that what’s going on this time too?


Cheers mate, but I do know it’s out and that’s why I’m asking the above question.

The fact that the windows version is getting patched while mac/linux version isn’t is the main problem at hand here.

I was more referring to these.

Yep, I’ve seen those I tried using them with no luck. I’ve also attempted the route through the DLC page on the steam store. Pressing any of those buttons just launches the corresponding BL game, but no new content is downloaded.

I’ve tried various tricks that other people have reported to be succesful, like restarting steam, complete game reinstalls, attempted to force updates through the steam “verify game cache” function, etc. No luck whatsoever. Same for some mates of mine + what seems like a lot of commenters/user reviewers on steam explicitly stating not having any luck on linux or macOS.

Did you manage to update succesfully on your system?

Nope. it says they’re there. But when I switched to windows for the remaster (which is playable on linux now, it’s the launcher) They all started updating. But I can’t see it in 4k anyways, my monitors are 1080p. Was hoping you’d have better luck than me.
I mean, the issue is almost certainly that they were designed for Windows and can’t find a proper install path. So it would probably work under Wine. Which sucks since bl2/tps work fine without it.

Unfortunately no luck here.

It’s pretty cool that steam can solve part of the issue in the linux launcher, but the mac launcher doesn’t currently have the steam play/wine functionality.

I can’t help you with mac.

No worries. I think we need some gearbox staff to sort this out for us in any case.

Has there been any news on this?
Frustrating farming Terramorphous one day after getting back into BL2 to prep for BL3.
And suddenly I can’t do Co-Op anymore…

They are not. Probably would work under wine, idk.

Wait, really? They just are going to break off Multiplayer for Linux and Mac users?

They did break it. Whether they fix it, no idea.I found out for myself trying to do a run after my bud upgraded to 4k and suddenly our versions didn’t match.