UI bug in Inspect screen

I’ve noticed this after today’s patch.

The tab buttons are about 300% bigger than before and it’s impossible to click on them and it looks UGLY, but I suppose it’s managable since you can still switch between the tabs using keyboard Z-C.

Epic(fail) Store version


So my posts were “Spam” but this is bug report ?? seriously?

I can’t speak to whether other posts are spam, but this bug is a real thing; I noticed it too and I’m on XB1.

Every literally 30 minutes a flying creature stucks … this keeps happening before the update . here is an image . here is a link https://imgur.com/a/7E8xdhf

this is soooooo annoying … ive lost too many missions with this . and my nerves man … my nerves … i post it like a bug but mods delete it for “spam” … is this fking serious?

Yeah, I would call that a bug. I’ve had it happen too. You aren’t wrong.

But to be fair to OP, I didn’t want to derail this thread with discussion of a different bug. I posted primarily to make it clear that the UI bug reported above is not unique to PC.

well i find it unfair to someone posts a topic for a bug and when i post a topic for a bug its get deleted as “spam” . its so unfair . who can judge who’s bugs are “spam” and who’s not?

The system automatically flagged your posts as spam because you attempted to create multiple posts with the exact same URL. I suggest to avoid this in future (1) only post an image once and (2) drop the image directly into the editor rather than pasting a link to an image.

You may want to check out the New Forum Features thread, since it contains a bunch of information on how the forum platform (Discourse) works.

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I am also seeing this bug in the Steam version.

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thanks . im going right away to edit the image . i dont wanna fell i spam you or something , i just want the game be better .