UI bug involving social feed

On my play through of BL3 I ran into am issue with the social feed that shows you your friends achievements and milestones. One of the messages has decided to become part of my UI permanently instead of disappearing like it usually does. While far from game breaking it is annoying and prevents me from being able to read any of the messages that pop up as they appear on top of the old notification. Sorry for poor quality photo but I took it with my phone to show you what I mean, the Gun Pals notification just stay there even after restarting the console lol

PS also as a side note why do the class mods not change the character class on the UI like the previous installments, this was one of my favorite features and Iā€™m sad to see it gone.15686698268435508106219031982410

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I had the Same thing happen to me while playing it only went away after I quit and restarted the game.

I have the same issue and have no idea how to fix it pls help.