UI/HUD scale problem and suggestion with pictures

My monitor’s resolution is 1920 x 1080 px.

With the HUD scale set to 1, the crucial left corner window is literally unreadable, practically unusable:

I’m forced to use the HUD scale 2, but see for yourself:

My suggestion is to scale up the left corner window by a factor of 2 (or slightly less):

Or please at the very least, give us the HUD scale 1.5.

The UI scaling as it currently is is very lacking, it either completely fails its function or the elements overflow each other, you could call it broken.


Good post and suggestion,

The bizarre scaling settings are a basic fail of UI functionality here, - also its worth noting that the left corner window can’t display more than 24 icons. This is a problem when selecting a group of identical units in HW1.

So if you have 50 bombers and select em all, - you see 24 little pictures of a bomber.

Mix in another unit and you’ll get the single bomber icon with the x50 text modifier.

But really how cumbersome is that.

If the window is somehow mysteriously hardcoded to not display more than 24 images, at least shrink it down to a single picture with text count when more than 24 identical units are selected.

And how would I look for a single bomber that its low on health like I did in HW2?

The disconnect is in trying to represent individual strikecraft in a format that seems designed for strike wings, you can see a similar issue in the launch window. Information overload :frowning: perhaps a more layered approach might help.

I suppose everyone at Gearbox played it on their 4K monitors, so they didn’t even notice that half the time you can’t even read the numbers in that bottom left menu.

I can not agree more. I constantly switch between ui1 and ui2 and it’s very frustrating. Definately something that can be looked at!

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It seems like the individual elements that make up the UI need to scale independent of each other or your always going to be stuck with part of the overall UI either overly intrusive, or awkwardly small. Would something like that be possible to implement ?

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Independent element scaling would solve everything, that’s a great idea. They could keep it the way they intended, but it wouldn’t limit the people who can barely use it as it is.

My eyes crossed a little the first time I clicked on the UI scale presets…very bad job IMO, sorry I don’t cry much about things but the UI scale is pretty F’d up atm.

Oh god yes, someone made the mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=402126490&searchtext=

I won’t praise that mod because it fractures multiplayer. Making tiny single feature mods is a terrible idea. On top of which, our UI update plans are way better than any of these hacks… So those mods will break when we resolve that issue. A bit of patience is going to go a long long way. Remember, we can’t talk about stuff in the pipe until it is done or certain to be done, and I can do nothing about that.

Another related note is that somebody else will snipe and make ‘packs’ of these small mods and even further fracture who can play with who…

Fixing or customizing features is great, but I’d urge a bit more planning and thought, as well as patience. In many cases where a complaint had been made the ‘official’ fixes are going to be better from a features/design perspective, ubiquitous, and break or be broken by all of the hacks/mods. Will jumping on this stuff really benefit people if it keeps them from playing together?

Also, 4k monitors during dev were like rare jewels; wars were fought, traps laid, snake pits jumped, etc. Almost all day to day dev was done at 1920x1080/1200


I think most here are familiar with mods and multiplayer and how they rarely mix except for specific mega mods really. Vanilla MP will (hopefully) always be a thing, especially with support from the developer. I believe a mod like this is primarily aimed at single player experience (Think Elder Scrolls games). Theres going to be unavoidable frustration by the less… cerebrally gifted amongst us that can’t connect the ‘incompatible’ next to MP games with mods so informing people is great though. Also might be good for modders to make it clear if any mod makes the game incompatible with multiplayer.

Personally I have no doubt that GBX will come through with most of the bug fixes and quality of life things like this UI thing. I’m primarily waiting for the mega mods and total conversions that will hopefully start popping up in 6 months or so. Till then vanilla MP, for better or worse :stuck_out_tongue:

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This game has Steam Workshop integration, so mods are acquired through there. I don’t know as to feasibility, but in Space Engineers for example, game listings show mod count, and if you select and mouse over that count, it lists the mods.

Joining the game in question will auto-download and apply the mods for that session, thereby compatibility is substantially improved, and you can access more than just vanilla games. Possible for at least a mod-list category on the HW game listings?

Thank you for the insight BitVenom, it’s very appreciated. I’m glad to know the UI matter has been noted.
I don’t take the mod as anything but a quick patch for the skirmish and singleplayer until the official solution comes in, I somehow don’t think the creator himself has any illusion of if being anything more than that.
Although I can see how we can expect some people to be clueless to why their MP suddenly doesn’t work because of one simpliest addon…

It’s interesting to find out the 4K monitors were a rarity, I could swear I remember some interview with devs saying they had fun with all these 4K monitors.

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