UI Improvement Suggestions (Free adjustment and more)

Free adjustment … Only one M1


That’s a bit like an idea I posted about and I like it.

Damage increase varies with M (variable value) (M10 skill damage X5) (M1 one shot N damage M10 one shot NX5 damage)

Ammunition ceiling is reduced or ammunition consumption is faster (M1 one shot N ammunition M10 one shot NX5-10 ammunition)

BOSS attack mode more

The overall trend is that M1-M10 controls the combat rhythm (M1 bullets are more tolerant of higher errors)

M10 hits more accurately

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Warehouse paging


lol, those icons don’t look familiar at all… like all I recognize is that you appear to be in your bank. Here’s what mine looks like:

What are that chest icon, the character icons, and those numbers doing?

What’s this from? This looks like some sort of proposal/mockup/somethingsomething.

Light beam closing function, blood bottle. bullet. money. ore




You should combine all your posts in one thread! And use a translator to explain your posts more in depth! I’m not sure what you are trying to say in most of your posts :sweat_smile:

If I interpret him right he wants a way to hide the coloured beams of light emitted by loot on the ground, so we can see only those from a certain rarity.
Example: disable all beams except legendary ones and money.


Hope to adjust freely


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Since HUD scaling is not available



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Sorry, but you’re going to have to explain what that’s all about. You can always use Google Translate if you need to.


After filling up, paging is stronger than scrolling

Probably be a bit smoother too. Was probably a tested concept though, I would think.

Anyone have any idea just what they are trying to portray ?

If they’ve found the ability to rescale the HUD, that would be great.

GBX Took away our configuration files, so no way (that I know of) to fix it ourselves.

The challenging part in changing the UI is making the interface work with controllers as well as keyboard and mouse. I think many who post change proposals here don’t take that into consideration.

Which potential solution here do you see having problems with controllers?

Page switching : Win+Tab+Scroll wheel
In the game: hover over the backpack>>Scroll wheel

handle : Cross key or Joystick Page switching

Warframe : handle Key combination


Change will cause trouble
Then there should not be M2.0

The original version is convenient
I prefer the “warframe” feeling


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