UI is completely messed up :-(

Hi guys

I already submitted an official support request. Just want to ask if everyone experience the same situation we do. We play on PS5 in local co-op and since update 1.7 (vault card 2 and fixes) our menu is completely messed up:

→ Player 1 has a tiny menu and inventory
→ Player 2 does not even see an Inventory :frowning:
→ it is happening only in co-op (regardless of vertical or horizontal splitting)
→ it is only happening when performance mode (under “Visuals”) is NOT activated

Any others out there having the same issue?


I was playing on line with a couple who play in spiltscreen mode. Their inventory is appearing in tiny format, and appearing on the top screen for both of them. They had recently gotten their mail, including some from me, and switched from Vault Card 1 to 2. The problem persisted after reboot and when they were playing locally without me, haven’t found any workaround except walking over and peering at the screen from close up. All of us are playing with PS4s.


I see someone posted the same problem in the PC support area, but referring to PS5 not PC.

Merged identical threads.

Unfortunately, this seems to be something introduced with the last update and is affecting all platforms with split screen play. There’s not much players can do right now other than (1) file a support ticket and (2) wait for a patch.

A workaround for me was enabling ‘Performance-Mode’. Not sure though if this is also possible on PS4. Anyway it’s not nice :frowning:

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Might be possible on PS4-Pro? Not on base PS4 though.

This worked for me as well!