UI - Issues on Ultrawide displays


I’ve been playing on a 3440x1440 resolution monitor and the menu was totally crooked from the beginning. The highlighting ( ) around the icons is not centered the icons on the map. Some UI elements seems bigger than what they needs to be.

And ever since the new update on March 26th (I hoped it would fix this), but instead the guardian rank page worsened and is now missing 1/4 of the menu elements.

Guardian Page Issue

Map Issue

Event Page Issue

And that’s what’s feel wrong to my eyes, I don’t even know if there is other UI elements that are crooked too since I’ve only seen this menu on utrawide…


I have the exact same issue, I’m playing with 2560x1080 at 21:9 aspect ratio, from the first time I started playing since the steam launch I’ve seen a lot of issues with 21:9, with the new patch and DLC it’s only gotten worse, same issues as OP has shown, it would be great to see some proper ultra-wide monitor support for Borderlands 3.


Same issue. After today’s patch my guardian rank and event viewer are huge and sticking off the screen. Wasn’t this way until today, played since launch.


Same issue on a 2560x1080. Hoping someone can reply with a fix, this is really annoying.


Would like to know if the issue with Guardian Rank screen and Bloody Harvest menu screen when playing in 21:9 AspectRation is known? I only noticed it today after a few weeks off BL3. I have all the upto date patches and hotfixes but when I goto my Menu screen for Guardian Rank or the Bloody Harvest screen it is seems to be blown up to the point a lot of the information is not visible. This is espceially frustrating when spending Gaurdian Rank Tokens as you cannot see all of the upgrades.

Has anyone else suffered from this and is there a fix in the works to remedy this?


This problem is already 4 months old and something tells me that they won’t do anything with it


If the issues continues to worsen with each patches, they won’t have any choice but to fix it eventually. More and more people are using 21:9 monitors nowadays and it’s only logical to have a full compatibility for every range of resolutions. It’s not because 87% (the majority) of their player base uses a 16:9 ratio, that they shouldn’t future proof their games.

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Just want to echo my sentiment. This issue is so so bad for me, the map is totally unusable and I have to search really hard every single time i need to fast travel for a new objective. I really hope they can patch this soon, it would finally allow me to fully enjoy this game.

It definitely wasn’t a problem for me 2 days ago. Something about the patch changed it. They should be able to change it back.

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The latest patch really made things worse. Everyone should create support tickets so that hopefully this problem get escalated. https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003831093-Borderlands-3


Yup, the latest patch broke it for me. Only in the Guardian Rank screen, but previously it all displayed correctly for me. I’m on 21:9 and now the upgrade button in the bottom left is almost unclickable and I cannot really hover mouse over any of the perks on the right hand side. Opening a support ticket now.

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Alle the three pages named in the first post are broken for me too (I am using a 2560 x 1080 resolution). The Event page is broken since it was added at the bloody Harvest Event, the Maps page since mid December (Maliwan takdeown event?) and Guardian Ranks page now.

I created a bug report when it happened in December. After a long ping pong of automated responses and long delays it was stated almost 4 weeks later by 2K that they messaged the developers about it and closed the ticket. Looks like they rather wiped their asses with the print of it.

I now created a follow up ticket, but seriously don’t expect anything to change. Customer support is simply non-exisiting .


Same issue for me. At first, it was dependent on which character I was playing, until I adjusted some visual settings, and then it became normal for all.

What I did: tried different (older and current) GPU drivers. No change.
Tried 1920x1080 resolution: looks like garbage on my display, but all things show properly.
Tried DX 11 and 12, with all different auto, and some custom options: no change.
Tried different HUD, FOV sizing just in case: no change.

Highly annoying since I can’t see things properly, and the event page was also mentioned; it’s been broken since I’ve had the game, but not really a big issue.

Another patch, yet no changes to the UI… Come on!

What is going on with my ui?
I’ve finished the main story (still overwhelmed af about it, just insane story!).
Then game telling me guardian rank disabled. I can’t even see what is going on on the rank page, I mean… What the hell is going on here?!! I felt pretty stupid not able to turn it on looking all over the place… but the options are completely out of my screen’s view. Changed UI scale to minimal now, still not helping. How can I solve this issue?!!

Welcome to the club! :neutral_face:

You can temporarily change to a 16:9 resolution to see and click the commands at the bottom of the Guardian Ranks page and then revert to UltraWide resolution. I would also recommend to learn the keyboard shortcuts for the commands, so you can use them while in UltraWide mode.

I’m using 21:9 aspect ratio and 3440x1440 resolution and have encountered numerous scaling issues with the menus, the map has the info buttons cut off the bottom, the crew challenges list goes below the bottom, the event window is cut off and the guardian rank page is cut off. Screenshots included.

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Merged you in to the main thread. IIRC there may be some work-arounds for some of your issues up-thread.

There is an easy fix for this problem. Go to options, visuals. In the basic section, very bottom “calibrate safe area”. Bring the corner markers in as far as they go. Hit accept. Problem solved.

“Safe Area calibration” doesn’t fix the problem. You just make the displayed screen smaller (you zoom out). But the in-game menus we talk about are not only too big, they are broken: some graphics are overlapping other parts and the map markers do not fit the positions on the map.

Moreover, with such a ‘miscalibrated’ screen as you propose, the game looks even more ugly than with the broken menu pages. So, that doesn’t help.