UI - Issues on Ultrawide displays

Question is how UI is integrated into UT engine. There must be some reason why that they didnt fixed it.

Update to my previous post:

It’s been 20 days since I opened a new ticket and up to today I received no reply :angry: It is becoming pretty clear they are selectively ignoring people regarding this issue. Nobody at the support/development is giving an ass about this. Advice for the new people coming here to find this issue:

  • If you have the game -> ask for a refund asap.
  • If you want the game -> spare yourself the dissapointment and get something else.
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I’ve been playing the game since March and every update it seems, there’s more menus that are scaled incorrectly. Now it’s the vehicle menu and skill menu (and maybe another). I’m playing 5760x1080p (NVIDIA Surround). I know it’s not an Ultrawide display, but I’m experiencing the same issues, so.

I am using a Samsung 49inch CRG9.

This game is unbelievable and unplayable! How can this go on for months? This is beyond ridiculous. Good God, get this fixed already!

Shame on you Gear Box.

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just read the whole thread and i cannot beleive this has been an issue from November. i just found out after 3 weeks that there is an orbit view on map and you don’t have to walk to sanctuary’s Fast travel station every time, you can re-roll your mayhem modifier using Q(cause it was not showing on my screen like everyone else here) Shame , Such a Shame and i should not have bought all three DLC.


For me the most offensive part is just removing option from UI to scale it.

Its’ like - we do not care, f you.

This tops it for the most annoying game bug in my 37 year history. Hope you spend that £84.99 I gave you on something massive to shove in all orifice’s. You have wrecked what could have been my best game in years. GG

My ticket number was #5912775. I hope you can get through to them.

Thanks for the positive reply, but given the fact that the fix for most of these problems is to simply tell the UI elements to scale to screen height and to be centered with screen width, a very easy quick fix and they have not done it yet, despite having multiple borderlands titles with the problem making the issue a years long problem, I don’t think they even care to listen.

This is so frustrating. The UI was okay after launch, but after the patch a few months ago the game isn’t even worth playing. I get so angry every time I open up the map and attempt to do anything in the inventory. I came looking for people who were having this problem as soon as I saw that they weren’t fixed in the patch today. I just wanted to reply to the chain to add some more weight to this issue (2560×1080 monitor). At this point, all hope for me is lost and I don’t ever think it will be fixed. What more can I do to get this sent up the chain? Should I open a support ticket too?

Here is my support ticket: Request #220035

mine was #5418398 in april 4…

Well, I am surprised, they actually did fix the UI menu elements I took pictures of, for BL3.
The menu UI elements for the Skill Tree, Mayham, Guardian Rank and Event did actually get fixed and are scaling correctly to screen height and centering to screen width, with this recent patch, on 7/23/2020.

Oh my God, it happened! They fixed it! I cannot believe it! All inventory pages that were broken look fine now - at least on a 21:9 UW display. I am literally crying…

I can imagine how this happened: @Tokesy97 mailed the Gearbox staff 20 hours ago and pointed to this thread. Then a dev sat down for 5 minutes and fixed the bug, so it could be released with today’s hotfix. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So, thanks a lot @Tokesy97 ! :slight_smile:

Just for the sake of completeness, here are my ticket numbers (although it seems that they are not necessary anymore): #5125387 (December 14th) and #5485660 (March 29th).

It appears to work with 48:9 ratio’s as well.
I guess screenshots do help a lot.

This seems to be working as of 7/23/2020 patch.


Whoot!!! the Hotfix patch yesterday fixed the issues for my Samsung CHG90 (32:9). all the menus are now displaying correctly!
Happy Dance

I guess, we celebrated too early. The vehicles menu is broken now, presumably since the “Bounty of Blood” DLC, where a new vehicle was introduced. Let’s hope, it doesn’t take half a year again until this get fixed.

Vehicle menu at 2560 x 1080 (21:9):

Vehicle menu at 1920 x 1080 (16:9) - The red border was added by me to show where the 21:9 view was cropped:

I have a C49RG90S playing at 32:9, before this Crossplay update, it was working as a charm. Now I am having the same issues. None of the game menus display properly, I cant switch between inventory and skills through the menu. I can’t see what level the items in my inventory are. Well basically its screwed up. Spent the last 5h trying to find a fix, workaround, reinstalled everything.

For now the game is unplayable for me, hopefully there is a fix in the next few days or I am uninstalling this.


Me as well…I have an LG 34GN85B-B and the UI is completely unusable in the Tab screen…no icons appear at the top, they are off the screen.