UI - Issues on Ultrawide displays

I’ve opened a ticket. Hope it helps.

Gack… I have to get past the Level One Tech Support Boss, by proving stupid things like I have network connectivity, before they will send me to someone slighly able to look at my issue.

It has been weeks and still no fix for this issue! The gameplay itself is ok but the UI is just unworkable – I am having to recall most of the options in the UI menus to navigate!

Yes, you do have to provide multiple entry level details “to help eliminate possibility of user error”. Was not a fan of having to go thru multiple iterations of this however I understand their position of it. I can send you my entire email conversation with them if you wish.

Looking for an update from the devs here. Same issue as everyone else, ultrawide with a chunk of the menu UI cut off.


I am glad it is not just me struggling with this issue. I have the odyssey g9 as well on a rtx 3090 powered rig. I remember being super psyched that a AAA game really supported the 32:9 aspect ratio, until I opened a menu to look at my inventory and couldn’t do anything useful.

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Same here. It was working fine a while ago but now it’s busted like all the others. Also I can’t drop any items with the X key. Not sure if it’s related.

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Launched the game a couple days ago wanting to grind from fresh and see this. As I haven’t played in a long time I guess I will wait till its fixed to do my run. hopefully it isnt too long

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Key changed to Q I believe. I was also frustrated with this change.

I have the older 49’’ of Samsung, same resolution. This used to be fixed, but for a month or so it’s broken again… hoped it would have been solved meanwhile… Back to DotA and Witcher then until that has been fixed finally…

This calibrate safe area is not fully resolving the issue, it helps but doesn’t put my wide screen format to were it was before the patch when I didn’t have to do anything, it just worked.

The calibrate safe area makes the menu visible but makes everything else tiny. Which is also a pain. would be a lot nicer if the menu just worked.

I’m also currently experiencing this problem. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

A passive-aggressive update from Publisher below. Summary: they are not pushing the devs hard enough to address the issue and have considered this issue “resolved”. To those reading this forum thread I urge, implore, and request you to submit a ticket for this issue (no matter how long, grueling and unnecessary the steps are). More tickets for this issue = more visibility and the publisher may elect to change contract terms with their devs.

Blockquote Arturo A., Aug 3, 2021, 20:57 PDT:
Hey there!
I understand you’re awaiting for a resolution because of your screen being cropped. First off, please accept my apologies for the frustrating back and forth you’ve dealt with so far. However as mentioned in previous tickets, the development team now knows about these issues and they will be fixing them sometime soon.
When is that time? We don’t know. In customer support we unfortunately don’t have a time-frame for when the fix will be implemented, hence why we’re referring you to our social media, @2K, @Borderlands and @2KSupport Twitter pages for any updates. All upcoming patches and updates will be announced there. I can assure you that we’re both waiting on the developers to fix this and I do hope this can get resolved as fast as possible, I appreciate both patience and cooperation you’ve had with us throughout this situation.
Please let me know if you have any other inquiries, for the time being I’ll be marking this ticket as solved and it will close out in seven days.
Hope you’re staying safe and kind regards,

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I have gotten that message twice from them. I hope we get a resolution soon.

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Guys -

I love the game and I would like to play again. Unfortunately I realized my fully updated Borderland 3 has UI issues AGAIN on my monitor. I can’t play Borderland 3 because this.

Please fix. Release a patch. I am sure a lot of us have ultrawide monitors and CANNOT play the game because of UI issues.

Extremely frustrating.

Settings used.

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Try calibrating safe area, it may help.

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I did. It had zero effect on the issue.

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Then you need to wait for patch.

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Happily reporting that with the new hotfix/patch, this issue is resolved in the inventory menu though the vehicle menu is still adversely affected.