UI Key Remapping?

Is there any way to remap the UI keys that seem to be hard-coded? As a lefty I use the numpad, and while I can map character actions, I cannot remap UI features such as “E”, “Q”, “T”, or “Y” - these force me to move my hand to the other side of the keyboard to accept quests and a bunch of other in-game actions.

Needless to say, I was surprised by this, as BL2 didn’t have this problem.

Is there a config file I can tweak somewhere?

In the map UI, it all seems hardcoded around WASD. T is hardcoded to Push-To-Talk.
Unfortunatly, the game lets you bind it to something else, but then it won’t work and doesn’t tell you why. Really annoying for me, but that has been there since Day 1 and Gearbox didn’t bother to fix it.
There are config files in your profile (usually c:\username\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3), but I’ve found nothing concerning key bindings, they are stored somewhere else.

I was hoping the new patch with the DLC was going to address this, but nope.

This game has been out for how long - six months? And they still haven’t fixed keymapping issues?

I submitted a bug report, to which the rep just said “thanks for the suggestions, if you have an actual bug let me know!”